October 24, 2021


In the last few weeks the media reported another big ObamaCare scandal; specifically, the fraudulent way the Health Care Reform was implemented. This new information came to light thanks to a video that revealed, in the words of Jonathan Gruber, (The main architect of ObamaCare), how the law was manipulated to intentionally mislead the American people. The aim was clear: to pass the Health Care Reform at any cost, even if they have to lie.

Gruber’s comments triggered national criticism among the media and conservative circles. Basically, the video of Jonathan Gruber exposed and confirmed how the Obama administration mislead the country to enforce the implementation of socialized medicine in America.

Gruber’s statements were an unexpected blow to the White House which later on tried to downplay the embarrassing scandal. Barack Obama was placed into a corner and did not know what to say or do. In fact, the president’s comments were as embarrassing as Gruber’s video. “I do not know what he is talking about, He does not represent us, He does not work for the White House, He was just an adviser”, the president said.

Of course Barack Obama had to pretend he knew nothing, adopting the same innocent attitude as he did with many other previous scandals of his administration. For the unlucky president, another video from Gruber surfaced in recent days. Now Gruber acknowledges that Barack Obama attended meetings in the Oval Office when the Health Care Law was drafted. Jonathan Gruber also admitted that Barack Obama knew this would be a problem, but they all agreed to lie about it.

Contrary to the comments of Barack Obama; Steven Rattner, a former adviser to the president in 2009, said recently: “During those days Jonathan Gruber was considered an important figure in the White House and the “Guru” of the Health Care Reform”.

The president even commented that Gruber was never part of his staff. Yet we know that Jonathan Gruber visited the White House more than 10 times, met with senior officials of the administration, including Barack Obama and received nearly $ 400,000 in fees as the chief architect of ObamaCare. According to some sources the real amount could be as high as four to six million dollars.

Barack Obama and Gruber knew each other even before he was elected to his first term in 2008. During a forum at the Brookings Institute when Obama was Senator in 2006, the future president praised Jonathan Gruber as a “brilliant” person from who he had “stolen ideas”. Gruber attended the forum.

If the statement by president Obama were correct and Mr. Gruber was not part of his staff, it would be worth it to clarify certain questions:

1. Why did Jonathan Gruber visit the White House multiple times?

2. Why did he receive higher payments than many other government employees?

3. Why did Barack Obama say that Gruber was an adviser of the administration?

4. Why was Mr. Gruber considered the “Guru” of the Health Care Reform?

Furthermore, if there was not a close relationship between the president and the “Guru of ObamaCare” why did Gruber make so many comments that assert otherwise? Is Jonathan Gruber lying or is Barack Obama lying?

Gruber’s statements are a headache for the president. The more we know about ObamaCare through the words of Jonathan Gruber the more corruption and lies seem to surface in regards to the Obama administration’s socialized medicine plan.

Jonathan Gruber has confirmed what many Americans suspected all along in that there was and still continues to be a tremendous lack of transparency and honesty from Barack Obama during the process of implementing of his Health Care Reform. Gruber was instrumental in both the creation of ObamaCare and the distortion of the law.

The recently exposed facts by Gruber just added to the list of well known lies in ObamaCare. To recall some; “You can keep your doctor”, “You can keep your health insurance”, “There will be no tax increase”, “We will see a reduction in the cost of your health insurance” and “There will be not a penny increase in our national deficit”. Now we all know that these statements were part of multiple false promises to sell the idea of ​​ObamaCare to the American people.

Despite what the country already knows about Jonathan Gruber; Americans should remember a simple but irrefutable fact… it is ObamaCare, not GruberCare.