October 22, 2021

One of the Greatest Issues We Have Facing Us in Florida is the Loss of Private Property


Karen SchoenNO ONE wants dirty air and water but let’s get real and understand that individuals take better care of private property than any government entity.  Almost 40% of Florida is locked in some conservation plan.  That is enough.  We have great beaches, incredible land and water, and YES we want to keep it that way.  but taking more land off tax roles puts a tremendous burden on taxpayers to support programs they can not afford and will do nothing to improve land or water quality.

As I drive around in District 5, I am meeting citizens from all occupations, ethnicity and religions. The one thing all people have in common is that they are Americans realizing something is wrong. No one is listening to their cries, screams, and conversations. No one is listening to the people. People go to Tallahassee, drive for hours only to watch meeting after committee meeting be absorbed by special interest groups leaving 30 seconds for public comment. I will change that.

America, a unique government design called a Constitutional republic, contains Representatives elected by the people to represent their views. Representatives cannot represent you if you do not communicate.

My campaign is not about how much money I can collect, my campaign is about how many citizens of District 5 in Florida are fed up with the same old same old and really want to have their voice heard in Tally. How many citizens are willing to take a chance for 2 years on someone who will listen, communicate and act. Read my articles, listen to my radio show and watch my videos to see if my message is the same as yours. If it is, join our campaign of the people, by the people and send me, Karen Schoen, to represent you because I will.

In my former life, I was a teacher, dean, and business owner. I will apply my skills, along with the skills and needs of the people in District 5 to ignite the sparks of prosperity. Working together, we can overcome and avoid the disasters of other areas. If that is your goal, join me.

The issues told to me by the citizens of District 5 focus on education and economy. Therefore the issues of my campaign will focus on solutions for our poor education and bad economy. I always told my classes that the solution to any problem must be simple. Simplicity creates the least mistakes and the one with the least mistakes wins. I believe in TEAM work where Together Each Achieves More. So let us work together on a simple plan to improve education and the economy of District 5. Click the links below to see a simple education and economic plan to start our recovery.

The Issues:  Education 

The Issues:  Economy