March 23, 2023


ilegalesBeing Latin does not blind me to the wrongs that leaders in Latin America do to the American citizens when they have a chance or an excuse. The cruelty perpetuated on Americans in Mexico is proverbial and has gone on for years. I’d advise people to vacation somewhere else.

When you compare the behavior between the US government towards the millions of illegal aliens who keep coming and that of the Mexican government towards our Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi it makes your skin crawl.

The Mexican authorities should have known better than to torture him and allow him to be treated inhumanely. It is, after all, the US tax payer’s money that is used for the support of the illegals, the free education of the children, free medical attention, etc. and he is a US citizen. Isn’t it unfair that we cannot expect kindness from Mexicans in return for all of the kindness we bestow upon them?

It is interesting that after 214 days in a Mexican jail, Sargent Tahmooressi was released, not because of any requests from President Obama, but because several Republican Senators put pressure on Mexico.

The corrupt Judicial System in Mexico finally admitted he had done nothing wrong. He received no apologies for having spent 7 months in jail.

For the many Mexicans that don’t like their country and want to leave it, we should suggest that instead of invading the USA, they should work towards conquering or rescuing what’s rightfully theirs.

Mexico! A very wealthy nation. They have petroleum, silver, and other mineral and agricultural resources. I’d say to them: Vote your corrupt politicians and police out, and don’t rely on the US government or citizens to fight that battle for you.

It is obvious that many Mexican that come to the US would prefer to live in their own country if they had the same opportunities there as they do here. They come but continue to speak Spanish, celebrate Mexican holidays like Cinco de Mayo, and wave the Mexican flag.

The American people have historically welcomed Legal Immigrants who are eager to adapt, learn the language, become producers and thus achieve the “American Dream”.

This “American Dream” is not an entitlement to be extended to all entering the USA. I entered the USA legally and it was most certainly not extended to me. The truth be said, it is the product of personal effort and work in a free, capitalistic society.

The US citizenry should not be made to sacrifice so that people from other nations, hostile to us, get the “American Dream” at our expense. If anyone should be entitled to that dream it should be the American citizen and not those being brought here illegally by the Obama administration