October 27, 2021

SNL Alum Dana Carvey Explains Why Comics Are Scared To Lampoon Obama

Photo credit: The USO (Flickr)

SNL Alum Dana Carvey Explains Why Comics Are Scared To Lampoon Obama

While there are a number of comedians who buck the trend, former Saturday Night Live cast member Dana Carvey pointed out a harsh truth about his profession during a recent interview: comics are afraid to make fun of Barack Obama.

Speaking with podcast host Carl Kozlowski, Carvey noted that too many of his fellow comedians worry about the blowback that is sure to follow any criticism of the nation’s first black president.

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“I’m from the old school,” he confirmed. “You go where the power is and you try to make fun of it. When it becomes off-limits to say or do certain things without being brutalized or censored or whatever, it’s unfortunate.”

Some in the industry are “afraid” to make jokes at Obama’s expense, he said, out of concern over how they will be “labeled.”

As a result of this environment, Carvey lamented that comedy has lost the appeal it once had for speaking truth – couched in jokes – to power.

“If you live in New York or L.A.,” he continued, “and you’re liberal and you’re playing to a liberal crowd, it’s almost like a rally – it’s not edgy.”

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He voiced support of another SNL veteran, talk show host and stand-up comic Dennis Miller, who is unafraid to call out the Obama administration on its shortcomings.

“The true edge is what Dennis Miller did,” he confirmed, “and he’s been brutalized for it.”

Carvey previously voiced support for fellow SNL alum Jon Lovitz, who was pilloried by many on the left after criticizing Obama in 2012.

As for his own material, Carvey explained that he makes an effort to appeal to those on both sides of the political spectrum.

“I take pride in having liberals and conservatives in the crowd,” he said.