October 17, 2021


elections 2014On November 4, 2014 America witnessed one of the most impressive political victories in the country’s history. The GOP not only consolidated its power in the House of Representatives but it made it bigger, a lot bigger. Republicans also won enough votes to control the Senate for the first time since 2006.

Furthermore after being elected or re-elected the majority of the governors in the 50 states are now Republicans. From the 36 battleground states Republicans won in 23. The Democrats lost the race in most states including Illinois which in practical and political terms is nothing more or less than Barack Obama’s house.

Due to the low popularity of President Obama which barely reaches 40% and the multiple problems the country faces the victory of the Republican Party was no surprise to anyone, but the election results were even better than expected.

As some commentators said the night of the election, the United States experienced a tsunami or a Republican stampede which has turned large parts of the country into anti-Obama or anti-Democratic Party areas.

Republicans needed six seats to win the Senate and they won eight. With at least 242 seats the party of Lincoln also won a majority in the House of Representatives. North Carolina, Arkansas, South Dakota, Montana, West Virginia and Colorado were some of the states where seats went from being Democratic to Republican hands.

During this election the Democrats suffered the biggest defeat in the House of Representatives. Even in Florida, where millions of Hispanics live, 17 of the 27 districts were won by Republicans.

Other electoral surprises where Republicans took control were three states that many political analysts expected to be won by Democrats; Georgia, Kansas and Iowa. An interesting example from this year’s election was Ohio, where John Kasich was re-elected as the republican governor with more than double of the votes. Ohio was a state where Barack Obama won the presidential race in 2008 and 2012.

A review from previous elections found that the Republican success across the country on November 4th was such that it is considered the largest political victory since World War II.

As we all know the country faces multiple national and international crises with potential severe short and long-term repercussions. Several of these crises have been ignored, minimized, aggravated or even created by the president for the last several months or years.

To mention a few:

* The imposition of ObamaCare.
* The resurgence of Islamic terrorism.
* The unemployment rate.
* The lack of protection of the borders.
* The refusal to restrict commercial flights from African countries affected by Ebola.
* The exchange of highly dangerous Muslim terrorists.
* The harassment of conservative groups through government agencies.
* The immigration crisis.
* The Fast and Furious scandal.
* The cover up of the terrorist attack in Benghazi.
* The long-term silence of and late reaction regarding the Christian persecution in the Middle East.

I’m also sure that Americans have not forgotten the poor role and low popularity of Congress in recent years. In this regard, Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic leader became the worst obstructionist the US Congress has had in decades. For political and partisan reasons Reid blocked or tabled hundreds of laws for several years that could have benefited the American people.

This new political trend in the United States goes back prior to the 2014 election. Since Barack Obama became president in 2008 the Democrats have lost 69 seats in the House of Representatives and 13 seats in the Senate. After Tuesday’s election the Democratic Party will probably have between 45 to 47 senators and 190 representatives in the House.

These numbers represent one of worst electoral losses in the political history of the country. Honestly, Democrats have reasons to complain about the negative influence that president Obama has had in the party and the outcome of the midterm elections. The result of the 2014 elections was an unprecedented repudiation of Barack Obama’s socialist and liberal agenda and should be a wake-up call for the president and his political party.

Once again Americans executed their constitutional rights and casted their votes. According to some analysts the 2014 election turned out to be a national referendum to remind politicians and the world that the United States is a country founded on Christian, conservative and capitalist principles. A country where the American dream of freedom, prosperity and democracy should stay alive and where the rule of law should apply to everybody including the president.

Barack Obama has endangered the national security of his country and his policies have caused economic, social and military damage that will take years to repair. The president wanted, in his own words, to “fundamentally transform” the United States. Yet after six years in office he ended up destroying the political party that elevated him into power.

For the future of this country, our children and grand-children, I wish it would be America who “fundamentally transforms” Barack Obama. Hopefully during his last two years in office he will re-evaluate his political vision and ideology protecting and respecting our constitution in order to bring this country back to the great nation our founding fathers once envisioned.