October 16, 2021

Warning: Cuba Assembles Biotechnology Plants in Various Nations


Cuba Assembles Biotechnology Plants in Other NationsCuba’s Biopharmaceutical Laboratory Business Group (LABIOFAM) is working on the design, construction, assembly and launch of biotechnology plants in countries like Ethiopia and Tanzania, after doing so in Venezuela, China, Vietnam and Argentina, among other countries.

In addition to biotechnology, Cuba is involved in nuclear development and the production of aluminum rods

Since the early 1980s, Cuba started an intensive search for atomic minerals in its territory. The objective was to provide these materials to the nuclear industry of Cuba. The department is the DMBA, Departamento de Materiales Basicos. The department found uranium at the Northwest of Pinar del Rio, called the Hierro-Mantua ore.

Later, in the early 1990s, Cuba was able to obtain Yellow Kake (55% U308). One of the two experimental nuclear reactors in Cuba is located at the CIN, Centro de Investigaciones Nucleares, of Pedro Pi, Southwest of La Habana. This reactor is capable of converting U238 to Uranium 235 or Plutonium 239, basic primary components of an atomic bomb.

There are reports that the Soviet Union delivered in 1991, 70 pounds of enriched uranium to Cuba for the Juragua reactor. This amount is sufficient to build 5 atomic bombs.

Due to international regulations, Iran cannot purchase aluminum clad rods in the world market. Neither has Iran the manufacturing facilities in place to produce them. However, Cuba does.

Cuba has a large manufacturing plant-Planta Mecanica- that has the capacity, technology, and raw material to manufacture these kinds of specialized aluminum rods, so much needed by Iran to develop its nuclear weapon capabilities. Fuel element assemblies methods include welding, swaging, pinning, including box-type elements and cylindrical element assemblies.

Planta Mecanica is located north and west of the city of Santa Clara, in the center of Cuba. For the last few years its production has been dedicated to specialized needs for the biotechnology industry, as well as the nuclear related industry. Planta Mecanica has been a key factor in the development of Cuba’s biotechnology industry, as well as in assisting Iran with the equipment and machinery needed to develop its biotechnology industry, and that Iran cannot purchase in the world market.

A large part of Planta Mecanica production facilities has been dedicated to produce aluminum rods.