October 22, 2021


Ben Carson Warns of Obama Declaring Martial Law If Anarchy Cancels 2016 ElectionFor the past few weeks, neurosurgeon Ben Carson has been quite vocal in his believe that America may be headed toward anarchy. Carson even made his thoughts known on Alan Colmes’ Fox News radio show:

“If in fact we continue to have all these decrees being made the way they’re being made, if in fact we don’t fight the kind of war that needs to be fought in order to really put an end to the threat that is brought on by ISIS, if we continue along a pathway of financial irresponsibility, if we continue along a path of envy, greed, and hatred — what happened with Occupy Wall Street will be a cakewalk compared to what will begin to happen in this country.”

Despite teasing his own bid for the presidency in 2016, Carson seems to genuinely believe that the actions of the current administration could lead to civil unrest that could, in turn, lead to the cancellation of the 2016 Presidential Election altogether. Furthermore, Dr. Carson believes that should this happen, President Obama will have reason to implement Martial Law, thus suspending most, if not all of Americans’ constitutional rights.

Of course, Carson also makes it clear that he certainly doesn’t want this to happen:

“I don’t want to find out, I really don’t want to find out. I don’t want to continue down this pathway that we are going down. This pathway where everything is framed in a political sense and our representatives are not working for the people, they’re working for their party.”

This has to be one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories I have ever heard. Ben Carson’s observations mark another sad turn amongst Republicans where rational thought and intelligence have been overruled by nonsensical doomsaying. “Obama can’t protect us from Ebola or ISIS, and he keeps letting states give marriage rights to the gays like candy on Halloween! We’re pretty much screwed!

Rest assured, Dr. Carson, this country has been through far worse during election years that I think the 2016 election can survive whatever “crises” the Republican Party is planning to fear monger about next.