October 27, 2021


We will never forget the reaction of the American people and the world on Sept. 11th, 2001. The question that arose after Al Qaeda’s declaration of war against the United States was: “Where are the peaceful Muslims?” All we heard was silence. Were they in agreement with the attack or in fear of speaking up?. We, Legal Immigrants that love the United States of America must not be silent as they were.

hispanic peopleWe have to raise our voices loudly and say: “Congress, citizens of this United States of America, we disagree with this president’s illegal actions.” All countries on this planet have laws foreigners have to respect. Central Americans don’t move from country to country seeking better pastures without documentation. “I’ll move to Costa Rica tomorrow and see what I can get there, and if I don’t like it, I’ll go to El Salvador or Guatemala.” It is ridiculous. It doesn’t happen.

Obama is fulfilling the agenda he told us he had from the beginning: “I will transform America.” What he didn’t say is how it would be transformed. To disclose his intentions to bring America to destruction would have made it impossible for him to ascend to the presidency. So in his typical manner, and that of his administration, he presented himself as a savior, and allowed his followers to conclude that he had great plans for this nation.

Sadly, there are some that continue to believe in him because of their own personal pride and they won’t let the facts convince them. But many have changed their minds even though they had voted for him. There is hope. The proof is in what happened in the last election, on Nov. 4th, 2014.

The last six years have been horrifying and nightmarish. We, Legal Immigrants from everywhere in the world want to protest loudly what Obama is doing. The attracting, legalizing, and financing of 5 million plus illegals is an outright act of lawlessness and abuse of power. When other presidents exercised executive action it was done during times of war and diminutive in scope by comparison.

It was Obama that said: “Our laws are clear, only Congress has the power to enact laws and I must enforce them; I’m not the Emperor of the United States”. However, those people came here because of his luring them with promises of amnesty. It is obvious is that he is not looking out for the interests of the country and its people. If he were, his record would show it.

Has he done all he could to build the country up and bring it back to prosperity, reduce the debt, build up the army, not surrender this country’s sovereignty to the United Nations, stop the Federal Reserve from printing money? Has he allowed oil exploration to create jobs for Americans? Or, instead, spent the tax payer’s money like it grows on trees on lavish vacations for himself and his family, on playing golf, and on returning favors to his donors. On donating huge sums of money to Palestine, Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East that hate us, and the list goes on.

LEGAL-HISPANICS-OPPOSE-AMNESTYI urge like-minded Legal Immigrants to join the move of protesting against the policies of this president. Call or e-mail your representatives in Congress. Legal Immigrants are not for amnesty and definitely not for giving preferential treatment to those who disobey the laws of our country.

We are for encouraging legal immigration, closing the border, and resolving the problem of illegal immigration in a reasonable way. One that does not inflict punishment on the Legal Immigrant, the natural born citizen, and their descendants for the crime of being lawful and productive citizens of this country.

An example of a punishment is in the hidden fact that because part of Obama’s executive action is the exemption to employers from buying Obamacare insurance for the “forgiven” illegal immigrant, employers can now replace legal immigrant, or natural born citizen, with an illegal immigrant and save $3,000.00 per employee. A way to grow quickly and destroy competition. Is this not discrimination against the legal citizens of the United States?

The Republican Congress should be strong and fight to keep this president and his administration from destroying the United States of America as we know it. He has already become a tyrant. Retreating, or compromising is not an option. May God continue to bless America.