October 27, 2021

Ex-NYPD Police Commissioner: Sharpton and De Blasio “Have Blood on Their Hands”

Ex-NYPD Police Commissioner: Sharpton and De Blasio “Have Blood on Their Hands”Less than a week after protestors marched down an NYC street chanting about wanting “dead cops,” they got them, thanks to a suspected gang member with a long criminal record and possible jihadist ties, named Ismaaiyl Brinsley .

Two NYPD officers were deliberately gunned down while sitting inside their patrol car eating lunch yesterday.  It was a premeditated hit on the police in retaliation for the recent Mike Brown and Eric Garner deaths, according to the killer’s social media posts.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik weighed in on the senseless murders yesterday in an interview with Newsmax.

He said that the race baiters and pot stirrers like Al Sharpton and Mayor de Blasio “have blood on their hands.”

“De Blasio, Sharpton and all those who encouraged this anti-cop, racist mentality all have blood on their hands,” he said. “They have blood on their hands.”

“This guy’s intent — based on that Instagram post — was retribution for Eric Garner and Michael Brown,” he told Newsmax. “The people who encouraged these protests — you had peaceful protesters who were screaming ‘kill the cops’ — the so-called peaceful protesters.”

“Who was encouraging these protesters? De Blasio, Sharpton and other elected officials and community leaders. They encouraged this mentality. They encouraged this behavior.

“They encouraged it — and these two cops are dead because of people like them,” Kerik said. “They don’t owe the cops an apology. An apology isn’t good enough. They have blood on their hands.”

Later, Kerik appeared on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine, where he called for peaceful demonstrations by civilians in support of the slain officers.

“What I want to see is a day of outrage,” he told Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News program. “I want to see protests for the two cops that are lying dead tonight. I want to see those protests.”

The racially motivated, anti-police protests have been calling for the deaths of police officers for months now.

Those who have been stoking the fires and agitating the masses certainly do bear some responsibility for what has now happened.

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