October 17, 2021

Giuliani Slams Obama, de Blasio, and Sharpton for “Anti-Police” Propaganda

Al Sharpton is a Jihadist thug sympathizer who pushes the Obama’s Black Panthers revolution in America. The Obama’s liberal media is hiding the fact that the murderer of the two brave NYPD police officers following by suicide was member of Jihadist Mozlem Brother terrorist organization in Cleveland Ohio as he called the police officers that he murdered ‘pigs’ which is the Jihadist Mozlem Brother description of Christians according to their 7th century culture of death of the non-Believers. Undoubtedly, the liberal media supports the efforts of Obama to take control our police officers in the cities of America from the White House rather than having them controlled by the states and cities by falsely claiming that NYC police NYPD and other police officers all over America are racist and Black-hating thugs when there are more than 60% of NYPD which are not White cops but mostly Black and Hispanic cops. Obama as the Jihadist liar in chief who is converting America to the land of the Jihadist thugs and gangsters of the world by inviting them as ‘refugees’ from Syria and Iraq through open borders believes that he needs to control the police officers all over America in order to complete the conversion of America to the Jihadist Caliphate of ISIS and al Qaida. Therefore, Obama will not stop the demonstrations of liberal Jihadist thugs in the streets of NY and calling for killing cops while using the NY Times, Reuters, AP, ABC and NBC to continue their efforts to incite Blacks against the American police since his protesting Blacks continue to live as parasites on the back of the American people with monthly check from Obama.