October 21, 2021

Letter to Congress From Cuban Political Ex Prisoners

comiteDecember 20 2014


Honorable Robert Menéndez, NJ Senator

Honorable Marco Rubio, FL Senator

Honorable Ted Cruz, TX Senator

Honorable Ileana Ross Lehtinen, FL Congresswoman

Honorable Mario Díaz Balart.FL Congressman

Honorable Albio Sires, NJ Congressman

Honorable Carlos Curbelo, FL Congressman

Honorable Alex Mooney, WV Congressman


Distinguished members of the Senate and House of Representatives:

First of all, our congratulations for your support in trying to establish democracy and freedom for the long-suffering people of Cuba.

It is inconceivable to us that President Obama and his team had accepted the conditions of tyrant Castro without extracting any political, economic or civic concessions. Neither the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, nor the Fundamental Liberties (liberty of expression, of assembly, of the press, of opinion, of association) were part of the agreement. It also omitted any mention of economic liberties (free trade, right to own property), cultural liberties (availability of books) or labor liberties (right to form and join unions).

In reality, this rapprochement will only help the military, the repressors, the members of the party, the collaborators and the committed. They will be the lucky recipients.  No benefit will trickle down to the ordinary citizen. The Cuban catastrophe after the Marxist-Leninist experiment only succeeded in transforming Cuba from one of the most advanced and developed countries in the Americas to one of the most underdeveloped and poor.

The Cuban regime, presided by the Castros and the communist party, has kept, is keeping and will keep the Cuban people under control, terror and fear. The many years of property theft and seizure of assets without compensation, of murders, of thousands of executions, of tens of thousands of political prisoners, of hundreds of dead bodies in the Florida Straits, of the exile of 15 % of the Cuban population cannot be forgotten. The “restrictions” and “isolationism” were NOT imposed by the United States; they were imposed by the Castros to the people of Cuba as part of the communist system for the establishment and maintenance of totalitarian power.

In our name, as well as in the name of those “without voice” (the people of Cuba), receive our support, respect and admiration.

Thank you very much.

José A. Jiménez                                  Eduardo Ochoa                           Guillermo Estévez

Chicago, IL                                         North Bergen, NJ.                       Rutherford, NJ.

E-mail: presospoliticoscubanos@msn.com. Phone: (201) 867-6211.  WEB: ueppc. com