October 21, 2021

Massive Media Fail: Only 29% Oppose CIA Interrogation Methods

A Pew Research poll finds that the mainstream media and Democrats failed miserably in their coordinated attacks against the Bush Administration (and America) over Bush-era enhanced interrogation methods employed by the CIA against 3 terrorists to stop future terror attacks (and hunt down 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden).

Only 29% said the methods in question were unjustified. A majority of 51% consider them justified. A clear majority refused to buy into the media’s lies about these methods not working. A full 56% believe correctly that the intelligence gathered stopped future terror attacks. Only 28% disagreed.

Worse news for the media is that only 42% believe that the decision to release the flawed and dishonest Senate report (that started all of this) was the right one. A plurality of 43% believe the decision was wrong.

Only 46% of Democrats called the methods unjustified, while 37% said they were.

In the wake of the coordinated, media-wide Trayvon Martin and Ferguson race hoaxes, combined with the University of Virginia rape hoax, these poll numbers may in some way reflect a public that has simply stopped believing anything and everything that emanates from an institution rotting away due to unceasing corruption.