October 16, 2021


To our RINOs and Socialist Friends.

I will speak as an authority, not because I am smarter than you, but because I LIVED THROUGH IT. You did not. To me this is PERSONAL. I would not expect my fellow Americans to take this issue PERSONALLY, but you should. I will explain as I continue.

A fact is that the embargo lift will mainly benefit the Castro communist dictatorship, NOT  the average Cuban. Castro requires that all capital investments in Cuba should first be turned into Cuban pesos. He will take his cut off the top and thus increase his personal wealth and that of his cronies for a stronger tyrannical regime.

A fact is that Cuba has been able to trade with every single nation in the world except the US. The Cuban economy has been destroyed not because of the embargo, but because of the Communist form of government. Those who advocate free trade with Cuba including some Cubans do so because they plan to make money, not because they would like a free Cuba. Others say we will take American products to the Cuban market. I say, “Who is going to buy them?” The Cuban people have no money. However, before Castro Cubans LOVED American products best even when they had a choice of European or Cuban made goods. This was good for the American worker.

A fact is that the US does not need any more Cuban immigrants or for that matter we do not need any more immigrants from anywhere in the world. There are millions of Americans OUT OF WORK who should come first. The good Cubans are already here. They were my parents and my generation who came from the highly educated, hardworking upper and middle classes. They ASSIMILATED and became an asset to American society and the economy. The new Cubans that Obama would allow to immigrate here would be less educated people who grew up under Communism and who would become another mass of welfare recipients. We already have millions of native born Americans on permanent welfare. It would be stupid to add to that number. The only Cubans who deserve to come to America are the political prisoners who are now being tortured (not water boarded) for disagreeing with the Castro dictatorship.

Yes, the Mariel boat lift in 1980 brought thousands of undesirable Cubans to Miami who committed all sorts of crimes against the American public and Cuban Americans as well. These new arrivals ruined the reputation of all law abiding, hardworking Cubans. I apologize for their crimes. But please do not blame the good Cubans. Then President Carter could have sent back all the identified common criminals, but chose not to do so. Also to be blamed are the liberal federal judges who said these Cuban criminals could not be put in jail BECA– — — USE they had not committed any crimes in the US yet. We had to wait till these Cuban criminals committed a new crime HERE, and then try to catch them. Just like today judges are more concerned with the “rights” of the criminals than the safety of law abiding citizens.

Immigration reform is a big issue. Not all immigrants are good for America. We do not need ANY reforms if we would just ENFORCE current laws. Unlike most Mexicans, Central Americans and even Europeans who have come here for economic reasons, Cubans came here for POLITICAL REASONS. Cubans could not go back to their beloved island if they wanted to. Mexicans are free to go back if they wish to do so. To all immigrants who complain about discrimination I say, “ASSIMILATE, THANK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND SHUT UP. HERE YOU ARE BETTER OFF THAN IN YOUR NATIVE COUNTRY. AMERICA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION FOUNDED BY WHITE EUROPEANS WHO WROTE OUR CONSTITUTION IN ENGLISH ONLY. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT, GO BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROM.”

Of course all Cuban exiles have benefited from American citizenship, but they have also greatly contributed to American society. Miami is considered as a cultural, economic and even political capital of Latin America. This came about mostly because of the hard working Cubans, not because of any Yankee retirees who came here for the weather and low taxes. This has been good for Florida. Florida is a great state, and I would not live anywhere else. I also prefer Jacksonville over Miami where I visit as I please.

I love the TEA PARTY and contribute to it with my time and my money. The TEA PARTY movement is the only real opposition to the liberal communist Democrats. The Republican Party establishment is impotent, gutless, stupid and COMPLICIT with the Democrats. I vote Republican only for lack of a better choice. The TEA PARTY born in 2009 has been trying its best to make the American people aware we are headed in the wrong direction with bigger government, higher taxes and more welfare programs (COMMUNISM). The TEA PARTY is also telling us about the bias in the main stream media. Well, over fifty years ago, long before the TEA PARTY movement, the early Cuban exiles tried to warn us about the threat of Communism and the biased media. Even a as teenager I could tell the media were being biased and lying about Castro and what was happening in Cuba. You and most Americans could not tell or know the difference because you had not just come from Cuba. I had just come from Cuba and knew the truth. My parents knew Castro was a Communist when he was at the university and years before the revolution. The great majority of members of our Congress was ignorant or simply did not want to acknowledge the obvious. Some just like today were really Communists in disguise. Castro eventually acknowledged he was a Communist and HAD ALWAYS BEEN A COMMUNIST. You, the average American, had no reason to be paying attention. It was not your problem. You had not just had to flee your country leaving everything behind because of a Communist takeover. The early Cubans told you, and you did not listen. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE TEA PARTY NOW OR YOU MIGHT BE SORRY IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE.

I have grown old, now 70 years young, hearing Batista had to go because he was a corrupt dictator, an American puppet. Well, compared to Castro he would be considered an angel. Would you rather have an American puppet or a Russian Communist puppet? Now please I will compare Batista to Obama. Batista (B) was a crook, but Obama (O) is a much bigger crook, Solyndra , etc., etc., etc. B. liked the US, O. hates the US. B. was Catholic. O. is an anti-Christian Moslem. B. was a military man. O. hates the military. B. presided over a booming economy. In the 50’s the Cuban peso was at a par with the dollar. O. our dollars buy less every year. B. imported mostly American goods. O. imports mostly Communist Chinese goods. This did not start with Obama. B. no racial or religious discrimination. Everybody was just a Cuban. O. hates Whites and Christians, but loves Blacks and Moslems. B. was a capitalist. O. believes more government is the answer, (a Communist). B. always voted with the US at the United Nations. O. disparages and tries to hurt the US every time he gets a chance. B. highly educated upper and middle classes. O. a less educated average American who knows little about its own history and Christian heritage. O. is also a blatant liar, nobody can deny this. I could go on forever. My point is: if Batista had to go because he was bad for Cuba, Obama should be impeached and has to go because he is really destroying the USA. Unfortunately, most Americans are AFRAID to criticize him because he is a mulatto and they might offend the African-American population.

And finally, the issue of China trade: If the US does not trade with Cuba because it is a tyrannical Communist dictatorship, then we should also stop trade with China. The balance of trade is obviously in China’s favor many times over. China is also a ruthless Communist dictatorship, the enemy of freedom, religion and democracy. China has become a great economic, political and military power only because our own leaders encouraged our manufacturing base to move abroad mainly to China. Communism is our enemy. China is a Communist nation. We are helping China to become stronger every year as we become weaker. HELPING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY IS THE SIMPLE DEFINITION FOR TREASON. Many say we cannot ignore over one billion people. They believe in “FREE TRADE”. To them I say free trade is with free nations, not with Communist nations that use semi slave labor in their factories. I would not mind trading with the enemy, BUT ONLY IF IT IS TO OUR MUCH GREATER BENEFIT, NOT THEIRS. THIS IS REALLY STUPID. I would like to see a GLOBALIST try to explain to an American worker who lost his job because his factory was moved to China that we are better off because we can buy CHEAP AND OFTEN UNSAFE CHINESE GOODS. Not all Americans can be computer programmers or financial planners. We also need mechanics and factory workers. I say, “Shame on all the globalists”. Unfortunately this started long before Obama and the Communists took control of Washington.

Fellow Americans, wake up and acknowledge that Communists, radical Moslems, Atheists, Globalists and the lying main stream media crooks have taken over our government. All Democrats, most Republicans and the main stream media are COMPLICIT in destroying our BORDERS, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. Please listen to the TEA PARTY movement and act accordingly or you and your children will be sorry for it, because it will be too late and you will have lost your country. TAKE THIS PERSONALLY as I have or you will regret it sooner than you think.

God Bless America, but remember GOD helps only those who help themselves. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a better New Year.

Derby Ulloa

 Cuban by birth, and proud, conservative, unhyphenated American citizen by choice.