October 19, 2021

Obama Hates the Police But Seems to Love a Police State Like Cuba

By now, we all know that Obama is going to normalize relations with Cuba. He plans to reopen and Embassy there for starters. I’m sure there are plenty of vacant buildings in Havana that the United States could renovate at very little cost, but what do you bet we will build, from the ground up, a veritable palace to house our ambassador in his or her staff, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more.

You may get a sense that I am dead set against this move to become bosom buddies with a brutal totalitarian regime. Well, you’d be correct. I want nothing to do with it, until they throw off the yoke of communism. Then we can talk.

But you may say, the construction will employ Cuban workers. They will be paid a great wage relative to what they most likely currently make. That will be great for them, right?

Now, you don’t actually think that the Castro regime will allow the workers to make more than the prevailing wage and if they do, that worker will see little if any of it, do you? These are communists. That’s why Obama loves them. Everything belongs to the State.

Construction workers being paid $30 per hour, while the rest of the island is making $30 per month? Yeah, that’s going to happen. Oh, some will get rich — just not the citizens.

As an aside, isn’t it fascinating that Obama hates our police but is in love with the idea of a police state. He and his hard left ideologue brethren speak out against and protest and march against the American police state but embrace it elsewhere around the globe. It’s funny that Obama and Holder can rail against injustice and brutality here but seem not to mind the gulags and political prisons in communist Cuba.

So why do it now? After all, the Castros won’t be there forever. Fidel may already be dead and Raul is as viejo como suciedad (old as dirt  a little Spanish lingo). Defenders of Obama’s lunatic maneuver say, why not start now and get a foot hold in the country, so when the Castro regime is gone, we’ll already be there. Plus, it will only benefit the Cuban people to have that American free market presence there.

There’s one glaring problem with that (there’s actually several). The communist regime will never cede authority to the United States to relax their hold on the country. Why would they?

But, you may then say, can’t the Obama administration just insist on certain conditions? I’m sure it could, but it won’t. And why am I sure of this? Because according to all reports thus far, Obama has not asked for a single thing from the Cuban regime. So why would anything change? This is also true of his Muslim friends.

And it’s not like Obama just woke up the other morning and said “Hey, let’s resume relations with Cuba.” No, he’s been working on this in secret for a while.

Here’s another “so why now?” Why, after six years of the Big ‘O,’ does he pick now to pull the trigger? He has absolutely nothing restraining him. He has kicked off his two-year transform America program, starting with amnesty by memo and now relations with Cuba. Remember what Obama said in 2008. He would speak with any head of state with no preconditions. Well, he’s going one better.

And this is just the start. I have no doubt that he and Michelle have a whole laundry list of subversive items to tick off, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Well, you may ask, can Congress do anything to stop this Cuba situation? The Republicans appear to be very angry by this move. Won’t the new, incoming Republican majority do something? Can’t they do something?

Yes, I suppose they could if their outrage were genuine. Oh, I don’t doubt that for some it is — Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz — but for the leadership, it doesn’t matter whether they are upset or not. See, their slave master, the Chamber of Commerce, is all for this.

In May of this year, about a dozen business leaders went on the Chamber of Commerce’s first trade mission to Cuba since 1999. During the visit they met with entrepreneurs and government officials to talk about reforms.

Interesting. Tom Donohue, CEO of the Chamber of Crony Corporatism and head puppeteer of the Republican establishment, just happened to take a junket to Cuba a little over six months before the president makes an announcement, out of the blue. What a coincidence.

But what we think about coincidence is like a line from the last Batman movie: “You’re a detective now. You’re not allowed to believe in coincidence anymore.”

So where does this whole Cuba thing go from here? Where will it all lead?

Well, within a few years some illegal alien turned Congressman will suggest that Cuba become the 54th state. 54th?! Yeah, right after Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.