October 19, 2021

Obama’s Three Latest Examples Of Ignoring The Will Of The People

Obama’s three latest examples of ignoring the will of the people His way or the highway: Immigration, Cuba, Racial Tensions

By Herman Cain  December 22, 2014 | Comments| Print friendly |

As President Obama continues his series of executive actions, each time is a slap in the face to the people who strongly disagrees with his actions. It’s one thing to hold the minority opinion on an issue, but Obama has shown that he doesn’t even care about the majority opinion.

It’s all about what he thinks. Period!

Clearly, the president can set the tone on any issue and drive the national media narrative. But setting the tone on an issue with executive actions or memoranda does not produce closure on an issue. Closure requires actions by the Congress, which President Obama tries to ignore and avoid, just as, most of the time, he ignores the majority opinion of the people.

President Obama stated that even though he was not on the November 2014 ballot, his policies and agenda were on the ballot. Yes they were, and they were soundly rejected by the electorate even as most Democrats tried to distance themselves from them. He took it as a sign that he must proceed with as much unilateral action as he could get away with.



Shielding about five million illegals in this country from deportation has only made the problem worse, with an almost-dare to the Congress to stop him. The Obama administration couldn’t care less about unintended consequences, because they might obscure the perception of making things better.

Obama’s immigration declaration has set up a head-to-head confrontation with the incoming Republican-controlled Congress. If he does not get the closure he wants, he will simply blame the Republicans again, or claim victory anyway while the legal challenges try to catch up with his executive branch over-reach.


President Obama announced last week that the United States is beginning talks to normalize full diplomatic relations with Cuba. He said, “I do not believe we can keep doing the same thing for over five decades and expect a different result.” That’s what Cuba did, and Obama blinked first on our behalf.

The Cuban-American population is split on Obama’s announcement. Many people, such as Senator Marco Rubio, are outraged because Obama’s intent ignores the sacrifices many Cuban-Americans have made to help bring about freedom, liberty and justice for the people of that island country.

Obama’s announcement also ignores decades of human rights abuses, about which the administration is now ready to look the other way for the sake of making history. There’s good history and bad history, and a majority of our nation view this intent as bad history. But Obama and his administration do not care what we think.

Racial tensions

This tempest, encouraged every step of the way by the mainstream media, have not been helped by Obama or his administration over the last few weeks in reaction to the unfortunate deaths of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York. President Obama believes these incidents are the result of some deep-rooted racial problems we have in America, while ignoring that both men broke the law and resisted arrest.

Yes, there are some unanswered questions in the minds of people who were not privy to all of the evidence and witness testimonies, but the administration made no attempt to describe these incidents as exceptions rather than the rule. It was a slap in the face to the overwhelming majority of good and well-intended law enforcement professionals that work every day to protect us.

Space and patience does not allow describing all of Obama’s affronts against the majority opinions of Americans, such as the toothless climate change agreement with China, but we must not leave out ObamaCare. Poll after poll has shown that the majority of Americans believe ObamaCare should be repealed and replaced, because millions of Americans have been adversely affected.

The Obama administration’s reaction has been to forge ahead anyway, figuring the people and businesses will get used to it and adapt, and history will thank them later.

History will not be that naive or stupid. History usually presents the painful truth, rather than a slap in the face.