October 24, 2021


Feelings of laziness and a tendency towards procrastination have always been something that every one of us that attended Universities has had to fight against.   Excuses ranging from the classic “the dog ate my homework” to elaborate ones have never worked, preparing students to the fact that their lives ahead would not be easy, and success would depend on sacrifice and hard work, not avoidance and pretexts.   That is until now.   In these times, when personal responsibility is ignored, dependency to others grow, fostering a new class of citizens, easily manipulated and subject to dominance from a minority rule, we witness how students of law, a most difficult profession, tried to delay their exams with the excuse of being traumatized by the incidents in Fergusson and New York.

Columbia, Harvard and Georgetown, great Universities they, were the ones initially targeted.   Interesting to note that an analysis of the evidence, a judicious study of the role of grand jury’s, the evidence or lack thereof of racism and/or police brutality of these cases was not requested, only a postponement of their duties, without concern of the unfair advantage that it would give them over the students taking the exams.

Unfortunately, Columbia chose to cater to future lawyers that surely will carry on these bad habits in their future practices, making them unreliable and untrustworthy to their clients.   Also to consider is, that the false propaganda espoused by the race hustlers and propagated by most of the media on these cases being an example of our lingering race problems, gave the reason for these excuses, over many other grave incidents as the awful beheading on innocent people, including children and Americans by the terrorist group ISIS.   There is some hope though.   Many students, lawyers, and educators critizized the petition and the actions of the institutions, none as clear as one professor in Oberlin College in his response to an impassionate letter from an student that was published by her in Facebook, and of which we reproduce excerpts, and the academic’s response, short and to the point;

Hello Professor …….;

I am asking that you create an option (if you have not already done so) for students that do not feel like they are in a place, emotionally, mentally, or physically, to postpone the statistics finals.   Columbia Law School has already done this.   …Just because the murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown do not seem to threaten the survival of white people does not mean they are not severely affecting students on our campus…

His response;

To ….