October 16, 2021

Finally, A World Leader Makes Strong Statement On Terrorism: “International Jihadist Movement Has Declared War”

Canadian Prime Minister.

In the wake of the horrific killing of 12 people in Paris, France, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper opened up in a recent press conference about Islamic radicals and their obvious, violent intentions.

“The fact of the matter is this, ladies and gentlemen, that the international jihadist movement has declared war,” Harper said. “They have declared war on anybody who does not think and act exactly as they wish they would think and act.

“And they have declared war on any country, like ourselves, that values freedom, openness and tolerance,” Harper continued. “We may not like this and wish it would go away but it is not going to go away. And the reality is, we are going to have to confront it.

“This is going to be, unfortunately, the reality of the world that I think we’re living in for some time to come,” Harper concluded. “And we’re just going to have to face that head on and deal with it.”