October 19, 2021

Judge Napolitano: In Gun-Free France, Terrorists Were ‘Shooting Fish In A Barrel’ [VIDEO]


Fox News judicial correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano said on “Special Report” Thursday that with no armed cops or legal gun ownership, the Paris terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo were “shooting fish in a barrel.” (VIDEO: Judge Napolitano: Someone In The White House Committed A Felony)

France, Napolitano said, was “not a western-like society, it is decidedly un-American. There is no death penalty. There is no life imprisonment. Most of the police don’t have guns. A human being, a non-cop, a non-government official trying to carry a gun? Impossible in France.”

“What these creeps did yesterday was the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel,” he said. “They knew there would be no firepower whatsoever there to shoot back at them.” (VIDEO: Unarmed Paris Police Retreated From Terrorist Gunmen)

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