October 15, 2021

THE LEFT AND JIHADISTS: the Long war to Awakening

THE LEFT AND JIHADISTS: the Long war to Awakening

Islamic terrorists have been conspiring to slaughter Jews for at least 80 years in the modern era alone, acting on those conspiracies frequently. Cooperation between Hitler and Islamic leaders to exterminate the Jews is well documented.

Genocide against the Jews, and many others, is ongoing, increasing, and flagrant.

Curious how the Left has been relatively silent, passing such atrocities off as . . . “Well, that’s the Middle East for you. After all, the Jews occupied their land.”

Never mind the “occupation” argument is a complete lie.

These same Islamic terrorists eventually started in on others, in various places, killing and maiming people throughout the Western world, and in Muslim countries, slaughtering or torturing anyone identified an “unbeliever”.

How very oddly the secular “progressive” left has behaved: at one time dismissive of Jihad, then actively supportive, then strongly opposed, but only when secular progressives were murdered.  This was the breaking point last week in Paris.

Suddenly when far left cartoonists are murdered, a million people march against killers, marchers finally willing to identify Islamic Jihad as the real enemy, even as millions of Muslims occupy “no go” zones throughout Europe, evidence of European submission on a massive scale.  Overnight the church of multiculturalism was emptied and transformed into a recruiting station for war against Jihad, or so the French would have us believe.

Vicious Jihad has been with us for decades, but only when a few of their own are murdered do secular progressives finally step up to acknowledge the problem, expressing outrage over violations of free speech, when in reality, terrorists’ aim is world domination.  One cannot fault them for lack of ambition.

Obama and Hillary and French progressives have little to say when Jihadists slaughter Christians and conservatives, but let the killers turn their weapons on far left cartoonists, and well hell, the wheels come off.

Their stark hypocrisy is now glaringly clear for all to see, and developments have put Clinton and Obama in a giant vice of their own making.  They are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.  Obama apparently does not have the sense to read the writing on the wall.  He insists on releasing more killers from Gitmo despite the will of Congress and the sense of the People, releases which promise more mayhem.  He can’t step up and aggressively confront Jihad without forsaking his allies in those enclaves, which includes at least half the Democrat Party.  Continuing to bow to Jihad only alienates allies further.

Choosing to fight Republicans instead of terrorists makes him look both foolish, and very small.  He is found frantically trying to manage the media, insisting negative stories about Jihad be censored.   He is a rat found in a maze of his own making, one he is desperate to escape, incapable of finding his way.

Hillary appropriated and promoted Obama’s policies.  She shares his massive failure, and his legacy.  She got in bed with Obama solely to promote her own selfish ambition, and now she carries the corruption and the disastrous results.  Benghazi is her Scarlet Letter.  She will be forever remembered as a sellout, one who joined Obama in his treasonous march to destroy this country.

Meanwhile, vapid and mealy-mouthed Republicans in the main cannot muster the guts or the strategy to aggressively confront either Jihadists or Obama, both lethal enemies.  There are only a few people showing courageous devotion to principle—-Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Jeff Sessions, Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Gov. Nikki Haley.  Certainly, the media and the left will continue to demonize these good people.

Therefore, it is up to the rest of us to support them tooth and nail, every day, from here on out, for the sake of the country, our children, their children, and indeed, the world.