October 27, 2021

VIDEO: Andrea Tantaros Drops a Bombshell About Obama and Terrorism

Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly was recently taken to school by fellow Fox News host Andrea Tantaros on a key issue surrounding the fight against terrorism and Obama’s soft stance toward radical Islam.

The debate on whether the United States and the rest of the West are doing enough to stop the spread of Islamic terrorism has exponentially increased over the past week due to the cowardly terrorist attack that claimed the lives of ten journalists at the offices of French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

When O’Reilly asked Tantaros if it was true that America doesn’t have a hard and fast policy to defeat Islamic jihadists, Tantaros not only agreed, but took a bold step into the realm of truth.

Tantaros responded to O’Reilly’s obvious question with, “I actually think we have a policy that runs counter to defeating the jihad.”

The only reply that O’Reilly could muster to her bombshell was, “Really?”

After confirming what she had just said, O’Reilly then threw out another, “Really?” — this time with added emphasis in a higher-pitched voice.

Tantaros then referenced the recent deployment of the so-called CIA “torture report,” released in part by anti-American Sen. Dianne Feinstein, which called into question the “harsh” interrogation tactics used by the CIA and other agencies to gather information about future terrorist attacks against America — tactics that have no doubt saved countless American lives since 9/11.

“At a time when we should be amping up interrogation tactics, keeping Gitmo open, we are at war with the CIA,” Tantaros explained to O’Reilly. “Basically, this administration, with that torture memo, is really going against the CIA.”

She then made mention of Obama’s weak response to the Charlie Hebdo attack and his failure to defend freedom of speech (H/T RedFlagNews).

She also touched on the the way the feds, including President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, are treating American law enforcement at such a sensitive, vulnerable time that our nation is experiencing.

“Everything that we are supposed to be doing, with the exception of, I would say, droning terrorists, we are not doing,” Tantaros said. “So instead of having a strategy to fight the war on terror, we’re actually, I think, emboldening it.”

I personally couldn’t agree more with Tantaros. The United States could easily be taking more action against the inevitable spread of Islamic jihadist terrorism, but we’re more concerned with trashing cops, widening the racial divide and deciding what kids eat for lunch.

It’s time to get America’s priorities straight. Hopefully we get a chance to do that in 2016.

Do you miss Bush as much as I do?

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