October 24, 2021

Valerie Jarrett Cornered – How Does Releasing Gitmo Prisoners Make Americans Safer?

[Watch] Valerie Jarrett Cornered – How Does Releasing Gitmo Prisoners Make Americans Safer?Valerie Jarrett employs the tactic of claiming to base an entire policy upon the exceptions to the rule in arguing against recognizing Islamic terrorism as the real threat America faces. She mentions the rarity, a Sikh Temple and the Holocaust Museum terrorist acts as examples of why the regime is pretending that Islamic terror is not the threat that it is. No one asks if the regime’s position has anything to do with her Iranian birth or the Muslim upbringing of Hussein Obama, his Madrasa education or their extensive Muslim Brotherhood affiliations.

Brian Kilmeade does ask Jarrett about the open door policy at Gitmo. He states it is his belief that the American people don’t want former terrorists “running wild.” He says, “They are not under lock and key in Uruguay, they are not under lock or key in Oman, they are able to do whatever they want in Afghanistan and these prisoners swapped for Bowe Bergdahl are also free.” He asks, “What did they do to deserve freedom?”

That’s a question Jarrett won’t answer directly as there is no answer. They did nothing to deserve freedom and they shouldn’t be free. She’ll talk around the issue, as is the political custom.

Jarrett regurgitates the worn out claim that Gitmo is a recruiting tool, one based upon the illogical premise that the existence of deterrents encourage bad behavior and that by closing it we will somehow endear ourselves to terrorists around the globe. Clearly she and Obama believe the American people are morons.

She says that since it is such a great terrorist recruiting tool, we should close it in a responsible way. Kilmeade asks if it is responsible “to take know al-Qaeda members who have been locked up for good reason, no one said they were locked up unjustly, and give them their freedom in these countries and we’re not even watching them?

She again dodges the direct question by deferring to the Justice Department. If Eric Holder is involved in negotiating terrorist releases, we can be pretty sure the information as to how it is handled will not be forthcoming and if it were, it would show irresponsibility at best.

She says, “But again, keep in mind, we are doing everything possible to keep America safe.” She claims that is Obama’s focus and his priority, but she can’t have it both ways and mere proclamations don’t make it so.

Releasing terrorists does not make us safer and it is not being done in the interest of making Americans safer. It’s like saying that releasing Ebola patients into a population somewhere makes us all safer from infection. It’s a ridiculous statement. There is another reason why he’s doing it, one that makes perfect sense. They just won’t admit what it is. They know we wouldn’t like it.

Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats.