October 24, 2021

BREAKING: Obama Busted in Highly Illegal Move Against Bibi Netanyahu

BREAKING: Obama Busted in Highly Illegal Move Against Bibi NetanyahuIn regard to President Barack Obama’s secret negotiations with Iran over their nuclear weapons program, Speaker of the House John Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress about why that is a bad idea for both the United States and Israel.

Obama’s White House is furious that they weren’t consulted first about the visit and is stubbornly refusing to meet with Netanyahu while he is in the States, even threatening repercussions for the congressional address, despite the fact that Netanyahu represents America’s closest ally in the Middle East.

The White House excuse for refusing a meeting is that they don’t want to appear as though they are interfering in Israel’s upcoming elections.

But that is a blatant and obvious lie, as Obama has recently met with other world leaders who are close to elections of their own.

It has also been proven a lie in other ways as well, as the Obama administration has directly involved itself in Israel’s elections on the side of Netanyahu’s political opponents.

A non-profit group in Israel known as the Abraham Fund, which has received American taxpayer funding via the State Department, is engaged in a massive ‘get out the vote’ drive aimed at Arabs in Israel, WND reported.

The group claims that they are non-partisan, but historic trends in Israeli elections show that Arabs tend to vote more for the Arab or left-wing parties in Israel and generally don’t support Netanyahu’s Likud party.

This news comes on top of earlier reports about another organization that is working against Netanyahu in Israel, known as V15, which has hired consultants who worked to re-elect Obama in 2012.

Obama can claim that his administration won’t meet with Netanyahu because they don’t want to influence the Israeli election, but everyone knows that is a lie.

His administration has been caught red-handed trying to influence the results by funding non-profit groups that are working against Netanyahu.

While this isn’t a surprise, it is disappointing, and serves as further proof of the deceitful and duplicitous manner in which Obama’s administration conducts itself.

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