December 2, 2021

Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Caught in Huge Scandal that Could Send Her to Jail

Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Caught in Huge Scandal that Could Send Her to JailLoretta Lynch is in some relatively hot water.

Looks like she has been implicated in allowing one of the world’s largest banks to evade criminal charges after it was found to be guilty of laundering money for all kinds of illicit activity.

World Net Daily originally broke the story back in 2012 before Lynch was looking to assume Holder’s role.

An employee from HSBC bank brought in over 1,000 pages of documentation that showed HSBC was involved in a billion dollar global money-laundering scheme.

The story came and went, and nary a thought given to it.

Until only very recently.

Now the scandal has received more attention from the press, and there is even the suggestion Lynch might have been involved in an illegal deal to help get HSBC off the hook.

Drew Zahn writes, “Obama Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch may have struck a sweetheart deal with the banking giant that Rolling Stone now calls ‘preposterous even by Eric Holder’s standards.’”

So what happened? How did we get to here?

Well, when WND broke the story in 2012, an investigation was launched into the bank’s illegal activity. Rather than pursue criminal charges, Lynch allowed the bank to settle for the sum of $1.9 billion dollars.

But as more people began to dig into the story, it raised some troubling questions.

Now even leading Democrats are wondering how Lynch could have possibly let the bank off with what is tantamount to a light slap on the wrist. After all, $1.9 billion dollars is light when you consider how much money had been run off the books.

As WND writes:

Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, the leading Democrat on Senate banking committee, is demanding to know how Lynch could have let HSBC off the hook so lightly.

“I will be very interested to hear the government’s full explanation of its actions – or lack thereof,” said Brown. “I intend on pressing regulators, the IRS and the DOJ for answers.”

“It looks now like the U.S. government knowingly bent over backward to make sure that a major Western tax evader kept its license to operate here in America,” Rolling Stone commented. “Even worse, our next attorney general was the person responsible for negotiating the deal.

Here’s something even crazier: When WND’s initial report came out, HSBC tried to have WND’s website shut down after filing a complaint with the Internet Service Provider WND uses.

Why did HSBC do this?

Because WND revealed how HSBC was using customers’ personal information for the purpose of laundering money. WND says HSBC was using “…accurate Social Security numbers to create bogus accounts through which millions in clearly laundered money was run, before the account was closed – all without any knowledge or approval of the customers involved.”

After pressure and legal war, HSBC finally admitted their wrongdoing and paid up.

Considering HSBC’s role in one of the largest and most nefarious money-laundering plots, they got off pretty easy. Especially when Lynch had the opportunity to really put the screws to ‘em.

But that was in 2012, so it’s water under the bridge, right?

Not really, now that she’s up for nomination, the scandal is coming back to haunt her. Now Lynch is going to have to show just why the bank never faced serious criminal charges.

One can only hope that finally justice will be served.