October 16, 2021

Barry Soetoro’s SECRET SOCIETY, formerly George Soros’ OPEN SOCIETY

Barry Soetoro’s SECRET SOCIETY, formerly George Soros’ OPEN SOCIETYThis is jihad as therapy. Its real aim – both psychologically and existentially – is to tame, then shame, subordinate and ultimately to destroy the modern, secular-infidel Western model of civilization

Obama’s “Secret” Talks With Iran;
Hillary’s Secret Server;
Benghazigate Secrets,
Fast & Furious and IRS-gate Secrets; and
Democrats’ Passing of Obamacare in Secret.

Open Society Foundations Mission Statement Declassified and Translated into English

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies IN SECRET whose governments IN SECRET are accountable IN SECRET and open IN SECRET to the participation of all people—except people who are kept out of our SECRETS.

Open Society Command Center, New York City
224 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
United States
Fax: +1-212-548-4600

The Open Society of which Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are a central part agree with the principle of being OPEN by:

1.a. Keeping the contents of negotiations with Iran secret from the Israelis and Americans and by having the current prime minister of Israel defeated secretly with a secret organization organized using American’s taxpayer’s money, the financing of which effort was intended to be kept secret; the secret of which is now being investigated by a congressional committee.

b. After all, Israelis and Americans have no skin in the game and Israel’s interest as the primary target of Iran’s Judeophobia is besides the point. What is not secret of course, to anyone remotely in touch with reality, is the secret plan to reverse history and Israel’s founding and destroy Israel.

2. Keeping the contents of Hillary Clinton’s server which was NOT disclosed to investigators while Clinton was deposed under oath SECRET; and NOT open to the investigators into the Benghazi incident. These secrets are in line with being OPEN in a Society of the secretive Democrat’s re-engineering Society and the Republican’s incompetence managing the investigation.

3. Keeping the contents of the then-pending Obamacare legislation from which Republicans were locked out was in keeping with an OPEN and transparent SECRET government, of the Democrats, by the Democrats, and for the Democrats, for an American Society to be run in SECRET.

In all three examples listed, Americans can agree that:

1. Republicans need have no input into negotiations concerning the global threat from Iran, because ONLY Republicans will die from a Persian nuclear strike; Congress is no longer a branch of the American government – and the United Nations is; the president’s taking the SECRET agreement he is negotiating in behalf of Israel and the world to be ratified by a foreign organization is fine with The People; and the self-same secrets should be withheld from the prime minister of Israel which the later exposed publicly to the president’s chagrin. (After all, Israel is a state that has had no input into it or a need to know.)

There is no issue with taking the agreement of benefit only to Muslims to the Muslim-controlled United Nations, which it now appears is a branch of the US government. It makes sense, because the UN has replaced Congress as the missing branch of the self-same government. The Republican senate has not yet taken note of the changing circumstances, akaFundamental Change,” and need to be awakened to the secret so they too can secretly go on vacation.

2. Hillary’s secret server, the existence and contents of which was not disclosed to Congress under sworn testimony, is not the Republican’s business, because Congressional oversight has been expunged from the US Constitution, the Republicans are no longer a political party in need to know, and sworn testimony no longer has perjury provisions as a punishable crime in an age when the meaning of “is” happens to be whatever one wanted to make it.

3. Nancy Pelosi described to reporters Congress’s new way of legislating when she told America about the contents of Obamacare: “We will find out what’s in it when we pass it—for the OPEN SOCIETY—in secret.”

Benyamin Netanyahu’s opponents in Israel partly financed by the US State Department and its culture of anti-Israelism, courtesy of Team Obama, described the Prime Minister’s speeches as “Crying Wolf” over the threat of Iran too many times, and for too long. So any concern over Iran, according to the Democrat’s stepping in line behind the president, is partisan, dishonest, uncalled for and more importantly, “unprecedented.” According to the Democrats who boycotted Bibi in Congress, and would boycott Israel until its expiry, Israel has no business in the Iran nuclear negotiations just because they’d be the first to be wiped off the face of the Earth – these last are Iran’s words.

Jay Gaskill, a former public defender of Alameda County, State of California, commanded over 200 attorneys, and he answers it all here:

The Pakistani arsenal alone can “cripple global agriculture” with “the effects [that] would last for at least 10 years” dramatically reducing food supplies and producing mass starvation directly affecting “around one billion people” and indirectly affecting all the rest.

This was never just about Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or any other single theater of armed conflict and unrest in the region or the world. It was and is about restraining and eventually disarming a 12th century, fundamentalist jihad that is seeking to use 21st century weapons and the platform of a superpower Islamist state or coalition. This vision potentially unites the Muslim nations of the Middle East in one glorious purpose: to use war to cancel the unjust sense of inferiority visited on them by the decadent modern societies that have out-produced and outperformed them on almost every measurable level.

This is jihad as therapy. Its real aim – both psychologically and existentially – is to tame, then shame, subordinate and ultimately to destroy the modern, secular-infidel Western model of civilization. This quixotic Islamist dream is on a collision course with reality that most certainly will prompt the most rabid elements in the jihad struggle to overreach, to miscalculate and to actually use nuclear weapons, whether or not a majority of peace-loving Muslims approve.

This means that only a robust, even ruthless, policy of jihad disarmament holds out any realistic hope of preserving the world from disaster. This entails denying all of the jihad’s operatives and power brokers all access to atomic bombs, radioactive-contaminant bombs, and toxic biological agents.”