October 25, 2021

Disgraceful: Iran is chanting “Death to America,” meanwhile Obama is saying THIS

Disgraceful: Iran is chanting “Death to America,” meanwhile Obama is saying THIS

I’d like to share with our readers — even those detractors who struggle with truth and reading comprehension — a simple lesson in lexicon.

I’ve had enough of this incessant talk about getting a “deal” with Iran. This is not that Seventies game show “Let’s Make a Deal” and Monty Hall is not emceeing this exchange — although he may be able to do a better job.

America must not, should not, be making “deals” with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world. Then again, it was just a week ago that Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, dropped Iran and Hezbollah from the terrorist list — how accommodating and convenient.

But consider this recent “message to the Iranian people” from President Obama as reported by CNSnews.com, “To everyone celebrating Nowruz—across the United States and in countries around the world—Nowruz Mubarak. For thousands of years, this has been a time to gather with family and friends and welcome a new spring and a new year. Last week, my wife Michelle helped mark Nowruz here at the White House.”

Obama called on the Iranians to help him overcome people in the United States and elsewhere who oppose the nuclear deal he is trying to negotiate with Iran. “Our negotiations have made progress, but gaps remain,” he said. “And there are people, in both our countries and beyond, who oppose a diplomatic resolution. My message to you—the people of Iran—is that, together, we have to speak up for the future we seek.”

“As I have said many times before, I believe our countries should be able to resolve this issue peacefully, with diplomacy,” Obama said. “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons, and President Rouhani has said that Iran would never develop a nuclear weapon.” The video was posted on the White House website with Farsi subtitles — how diverse and inclusive.

Someone obviously forgot to remind President Obama that Iran has state-run media and chances are the Iranian people didn’t get to see his and first lady Michelle’s glad tidings. Furthermore, at a time when you should be attempting to stand strong against the Iranian regime of mad mullahs ,why is it necessary to deliver a happy New Year greeting — which will only be seen by the clerics and the ruling theocrats?

Now, I find it hard to believe the Supreme Leader Khamenei would issue a fatwa against nuclear development after the revelation of his most recent comments.

After all, Khamenei has so publicly displayed his affection for our Constitutional Republic. “Last month, in a speech to his air force commanders, the ayatollah boasted of Iran’s achievement in enriching uranium to the 20-percent level. Twice during the speech, according a transcript made by the BBC, the air force commanders chanted: “Death to America.”

This doesn’t seem to be the same person Obama and his administration hope exists and will say as they desire.

Embarking on negotiations with Iran is folly and what brought them to the table were economic sanctions. They should have been increased with every single day the Iranians kept our four Americans hostage. Furthermore, we should have supported the Green movement in Iran when the people were in the streets looking for support — and this was another reason to retain a residual force in Iran — to preclude their hegemonic expansion into Iraq.

As CNS News states, “On Sept. 25, 2009, the Obama White House sponsored a background briefing by “senior administration officials” who said that Iran had been discovered covertly building uranium enrichment facilities twice. One was at Natanz, another near Qom. A “senior administration official” explained at that time why it was logical to conclude that the second secret facility was designed to produce enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon not for peaceful purposes.”

“Our information is that the facility is designed to hold about 3,000 centrifuge machines,” said the official. “Now, that’s not a large enough number to make any sense from a commercial standpoint. It cannot produce a significant quantity of low-enriched uranium. But if you want to use the facility in order to produce a small amount of weapons-grade uranium, enough for a bomb or two a year, it’s the right size. And our information is that the Iranians began this with the intent that it be secret, and therefore giving them the option of producing weapons-grade uranium without the international community knowing about it.”

So here we are again, with the Obama administration pushing a false narrative in order to gain its desired end state — and our national security be damned.

Let me just provide a short history lesson — and not revisionist history as presented by folks such as President Obama and Sean Penn. Remember how we dismissed the Islamic terror threat during the eight years of the Clinton administration — and decimated our military? Yes, I was there. Never forget that it was just eight months into the first year of the George W. Bush presidency when 9-11 occurred.

Just imagine what might be in the planning stages to be executed in the first year after Obama’s final year in office — or could happen prior? After all, ISIS just released a list of 100 of our military personnel calling for their death – and remember, those fellas that aren’t “Islamic.”

CNS News says, “During the speech in which he boasted about Iran’s enrichment of uranium to the 20-percent level, according to a BBC transcript, the ayatollah’s air force commanders chanted: “Allah Akbar. Khamenei is the leader. Death to the enemies of the leadership. Death to America. Death to England. Death to hypocrites. Death to Israel.”

Heck, even Monty Hall would tell the Ayatollah that behind doors one, two and three is an American southern-fried-arse-whipping — but our game show host president isn’t capable.

And so the policy of appeasement towards abhorrent behavior marches on, all to the detriment of the future of America, Israel and the world. If in nine days President Obama proceeds with this endeavor and goes to the United Nations for approval — well, we may be beyond censure.