October 26, 2021

President Bystander Blames Bush For ISIS – Even Though He Funded Them and They Metastasized On His Watch

President Bystander Blames Bush For ISIS – Even Though He Funded Them and They Metastasized On His Watch

Year after year, scandal after scandal – this president always sings the same tune whenever something bad happens. It was somebody else’s fault and poor Obama was the last one to find out.

In his interview with Vice News, he played the part of a character we’ve become all too familiar with – the shocked and bewildered bystander who is perennially having to clean up other peoples’ messes.

“ISIS is a direct outgrowth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion. Which is an example of unintended consequences which is why we should generally aim before you shoot,” Obama sniffed.

The problem with that pose of course, is – Obama’s been the president for over six years. It is his government that has allowed ISIS to metastasize in Syria.  It was Obama’s CIA who funneled millions of dollars into the hands of al-Qaida, the Taliban, and ISIS. It was Obama who funneled weapons to the Syrian rebel fighters who often turned out to be ISIS fighters. It was Obama himself who called ISIS the Jay-Vee team after they had taken over Fallujah in Iraq. It is nothing short of despicable that he would try to blame President Bush for the creation of his terrorist Frankenstein.

And here’s the really sick part – al Qaeda in Iraq had been routed by US forces in Iraq thanks to Bush’s surge (which President Bystander opposed.) Obama snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory by pulling out all of our troops before Iraq was ready to defend itself.

Back in January, General Keene pointed out on Fox News that al Qaeda had quadruped in number under Obama after being defeated in Iraq under Bush..

Keene spoke of intercepts of emails from the demoralized jihadists in Iraq to Central al Qaeda in Pakistan in late 2008 that said, “Don’t send any more brothers. This war is over. We have lost.”

“And they said it multiple times in different phrases over 3 or 4 message intercepts that we had, Keene continued. “They had admitted that defeat. They were done.”

“We pulled the troops out totally in 2011, and a week after the last troops left….the first bombs started to go off in downtown Baghdad,” Keene said.

Will this president ever take responsibility for his own administration’s actions? Hell, no. He has nothing but contempt for his supporters. As long as they still buy his bullsh*t, he’ll keep shoveling it.


White House Security advisor Susan Rice received raucous applause at AIPAC today – for mentioning policies the Obama administration actively opposes.

During her speech, when she discussed policies that she claimed were not realistic or attainable, the crowd leaped to their feet and cheered. When she offered the Obama administration’s (supposedly) more realistic (and wiser) alternative, you could hear a pin drop. The barely audible smattering you hear is probably pro-Obama press flacks.

“We cannot let a totally unachievable ideal stand in the way of a good deal,” she began. “I know that some of you will be urging Congress to insist that Iran forgo its domestic enrichment capacity entirely –”

With that, Rice was cut off for over twenty seconds by raucous applause, as the crowd rose to its feet in approval of a total ban on Iran’s civilian nuclear program. “But as desirable as that would be, it is neither realistic nor achievable!” she finally continued, claiming that European nations would abandon sanctions altogether if that was the goal. Just seconds later, the crowd again turned on Rice. “I know some would argue we should impose sanctions and just walk away, but let’s remember –” she said.  Cue more rowdy cheering, with Rice at first trying to speak over the crowd before raising her arms in exasperation. “My friends, let’s remember that sanctions have never stopped Iran from advancing its program!” she finally finished.

This really is incredible – and mortifying for Susan Rice.