• This week, Congressional leaders aborted their attempts to stop the funding of President Obama’s illegal “amnesty” program, and failed to override the President’s veto of the Keystone Pipeline. Meanwhile, his operatives at the FCC seized control of the Internet.

    It’s time that we remind Congress that we elected representatives to Stop our Lawless President. Please see my important call to action below.

    Response to Liberty Counsel Action’s recent survey was tremendous. With over 40,000 American patriots voicing their opinions, we have a clear mandate to send to the 114th Congress:

    Here are the top responses in your call for congressional action:

    • Stop President Obama’s far-left agenda and his “Executive Orders” overreach.
    • Restore the American economy resulting in meaningful employment.
    • Repeal ObamaCare and create an open-market solution.
    • Secure the U.S. Borders and enhance national security. Enforce immigration laws. Enact immigration reform measures.
    • Curb government spending and debt creation. Draft a sustainable budget.
    • Restore constitutional principles and the balance of power.
    • Stop the assaults on our rights, religious liberties, and rights of conscience as perpetrated by President Obama and his operatives in federal agencies.
    • Stand with Israel and reject the proposed deal with Iran.
    • Move America toward energy independence, including authorizing the Keystone Pipeline.
    • Stop taxpayer-funded abortions and defund Planned Parenthood.
    • Stop the rise of radical Islam and the infusion of Sharia into our nation.
    • Stop the appointments of activist judges.
    • Ensure priority healthcare for our nation’s veterans.

    The 114th Congress was elected with a clear mandate: To rein in President Obama’s usurpation of power and to stop his far-left agenda.

    Sadly, as we have seen over the first 60 days of this Congress, key leaders have abdicated their constitutional authority to a power-siphoning, tyrannical regime. This spineless abdication must stop now!

    Right now, I am calling on tens of thousands of American patriots to rise up and remind lawmakers of their mandate and call to duty.

    Liberty Counsel’s Mandate to the 114th Congress declares in no uncertain terms that we expect them to Stop our Lawless President.

    Click here now to add your name to the Mandate to the 114th Congress: Stop our Lawless President:

    The powerful mandate will be delivered to ten House and Senate leaders including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner.

    Strengthening the mandate is a clearly laid-out course of action along with the aforementioned agenda items. Our call to action includes, but is not limited to …

    • Enacting Congressional Resolutions that negate President Obama’s overreaching Executive Orders and actions.
    • Using the power of the purse to defund unconstitutional and immoral initiatives.
    • Challenging the President’s lawless mandates in the courts.
    • Using every congressional tool available to counter the President’s far-left initiatives.

    We are calling on these officials to do what we commissioned them to do as the elected Legislative Branch of Government. If our action points are not their priorities, then their priorities are wrong.

    Click here to add you name to this important mandate:

    Thank you for your patriotic response,

    Mat Staver, Chairman
    Liberty Counsel Action

    P.S. This mandate is comprised of the responses of over 40,000 friends of Liberty Counsel Action, of which over 97% said they voted in the 2014 elections. It’s time that we remind these elected officials of the agenda WE elected them to enact!

    We would very much like this initiative to go viral among pro-liberty groups nationwide. Please share this link on your social networking pages, and encourage any like-minded friends to participate.

    Click here or on the banner below to add your name to this important Mandate to the 114th Congress: Stop our Lawless President:

    stop the lawless president