October 17, 2021

ALERT: Immigration Activists To Train ‘Community Navigators’ In Exec. Amnesty: ‘Path To Power’

Immigrant Youth Coalition protest (Facebook)A series of powerpoint presentations from the Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation sheds some light on how groups supportive of President Obama’s executive amnesty are strategizing to get people to sign up and defend the president’s actions.

“Once the applications are out, the best defense of the programs will be huge number of applications for [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] and [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents],” reads one of the powerpoint slide.

The powerpoints are part of a curriculum for what the coalition of immigration activists calls community navigators to help prepare people up for executive amnesty.

“Community navigators (or promotores) are volunteers who receive specialized training to provide quality immigration services for their communities in an empowering and effective way. The Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation (CIRI) has developed a curriculum for organizations to use to train navigators who will be engaged in outreach, organizing, screening, document preparation, and/or application assistance related to administrative relief implementation,” reads the program’s description. It’s slated for April 13.

“The training has been fully vetted by the CIRI subcommittee on regional coordination, as well as the CIRI steering committee. We will introduce the model and discuss how it can be adapted for various contexts and demographics,” it adds.

The powerpoints offer basic information about immigration law, President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, scams, and best practices about offering guidance on executive amnesty, as well as slides aimed at defending those actions.

“Components Of Defense,” reads the headline of one slide that goes on to list “Hosting house meetings; Hosting/attending large info sessions; Participating in our org! Signing people up!; VOTING.”

Another slide focuses on solidifying power. “VOTE!!” reads the headline, with its first bullet point reading “Path to Power” followed by another bullet point that reads “If you can’t vote: Register others; Canvas; Participate in campaigns.”

It is slides like those that led one GOP congressional aide to observe “This also looks like it could become a voter registration racket.”

“We’ve always known this was about recruiting Democrat voters and fundamentally transforming America. Now they’re not even hiding it anymore,” the aide added. “USCIS doesn’t have the resources to conduct thorough background checks and process the applications it gets today.  Now thousands of community organizers are going to help overwhelm the system even further? This is classic Chicago politics, and it’s frightening.”

CIRI did not immediately respond to request for comment.



Illegal Immigration Activists ‘Path To Power’ Plan Disappears From Website


Immigration activists recently deleted from their website a series of power point presentations outlining a comprehensive strategy to convert illegal immigrants into Democratic voters.

The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained and reported on the slides Thursday.

The power points detail a strategy to train “community navigators” who will then register voters, help illegal immigrants determine the best path to what could eventually be citizenship, and work to defend Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

The Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation is hosting a webinar Monday to launch the initiative, and had previously linked to the training materials on the registration page for the event. But the “training” link now leads to a Drop Box page saying the files have been deleted.

Below are six of the seven power point presentations:

Module 1: Background

Module 2: Immigration 101

Module 3: Administrative Relief

Module 4: Defending Admin Relief

Module 6: Screening

Module 7: Collecting Documents

More than 20 organizations are part of the coalition, including the AFL-CIO, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, SEIU, the American Bar Association Commission on Immigration and Center for Migration Studies.

The coalition’s stated goal is to “maximize the successful adjustment of status of eligible immigrants through legislation or executive action.”

The Administrative Relief Resource Center, a member of the coalition who is hosting the event registration page, did not respond to a request for comment.