August 12, 2022

Another Reason to Stand AGAINST Jeb Bush

Another Reason to Stand AGAINST Jeb Bush – Michael Bloomberg just Endorsed Him! In a recent op-ed, I wondered if Bush was really the candidate the conservatives could be willing to get behind – even though there are (in my opinion) much better options in the field. I even listed out just a few of the reasons I don’t believe that you should consider giving your valuable vote to Jeb Bush in 2016.

Let’s just ruminate over some of Jeb’s most recent statements announcing his positions on some important issues.

 On Education – Jeb Bush wholeheartedly supports the Common Core, and is all about BIG GOVERNMENT answers to solve our education problems. This one thing should eliminate him from contention, but it hasn’t.

On Amnesty and Illegal Immigration – Jeb Bush has been one of the loudest Republican voices supporting amnesty and a path to citizenship for over 11 million people… and he’s been advocating amnesty for YEARS.

On Taxes – Jeb Bush won’t guarantee that taxes won’t go up under his leadership. In fact, he seems very amenable to the idea of raising taxes if it gets him other things that he wants from Democrats. Does this remind you of anyone? (George HW Bush raising taxes in response to a Democrat pledge to cut spending; they never did, and he lost his job.) In fact, Forbes magazine writes that Jeb Bush WANTS to raise your taxes!

On Spending – As Governor Jeb Bush received good grades from conservative groups based mainly on tax policy, but we know he has reversed course on that. What hurt his grades was spending… and there is no evidence that he will spend less as President. Like his brother George W. Bush, Jeb is a “compassionate conservative” which is simply a euphemism for welfare state Republican. Make no mistake, Jeb Bush spends money like a Democrat on a bender.

On Gay Marriage – Jeb Bush is “evolving” reminding us of other recent politicians… right, Obama?

Well, I now have yet another very good reason not to vote for Jeb Bush. Michael Bloomberg. Yes, the former mayor of New York, the “Prince of Gun Grabbers” himself, Michael Bloomberg, says that Jeb Bush is the only GOP candidate worthy of the office of President.

jeb hillary

In a recent piece in the New York Times that was covering a party celebrating Bloomberg’s recent honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II, Maureen Dowd quoted Bloomberg on the upcoming 2016 election.

When asked what he thought of the growing field of presidential candidates, Mr. Bloomberg was equally definite. “Hillary and Jeb are the only two who know how to make the trains run,” he said, to get people back to work.

Wow. There you have it folks. The guy who wants to take your guns, who supports amnestying 11 million illegals, that wants to outlaw sugary drinks, MSG and Styrofoam, and is so liberal that New York City voters elected him multiple times… thinks you should either vote for Hillary or Jeb. In fact, it seems like he doesn’t think there is much difference between the two candidates.

Actually, that’s something Bloomberg and I can agree on… there ain’t much difference between Hillary and Jeb. Not much at all.

Please folks, do America a favor and don’t vote for Jeb or Hillary.

Which Constitutional Right is the Most Important to Defend?
Which Constitutional Right is the Most Important to Defend?