October 25, 2021

Either Obama or Cuba’s Foreign Minister is Lying About the Terrorism List

Either Obama or Cuba's Foreign Minister is Lying About the Terrorism ListOn Saturday evening, here’s what President Obama said about Cuba’s designation as a state-sponsors of terrorism:

The issue of the State Sponsor of Terrorism list — as you know, the State Department has provided a recommendation; it’s gone through our interagency process.  I’ll be honest with you, I have been on the road, and I want to make sure that I have a chance to read it, study it, before we announce publicly what the policy outcome is going to be.

Also on Saturday evening, here’s what Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told ABC News:

“His (Obama) announcement on the list of countries sponsors of international terrorism immediate consideration is good news. We also appreciate it, his commitment to engage with the US Congress in a way to, lift the blockade or embargo in 2015.”

Note that Rodriguez was in the room throughout the Obama-Castro meeting.

Thus, four possible scenarios:

Did Obama notify Castro about his decision, then lie to the media about it?
Did Obama notify Castro prior to the U.S. Congress, in violation of his legal responsibility?
Was Cuba’s removal from the terrorism list part of the Obama-Castro deal all along?
Or is Cuba’s Foreign Minister simply lying and posturing?

We hope it’s the fourth.

Ironically though, this revelation comes on the same weekend as Ayatollah Khamenei also contradicted the Obama Administration on its announced terms for a nuclear deal with Iran.