October 19, 2021

One-Third Drop Obamacare in California

OBAMACAREPresident Obama led by example when he promised us that if we liked our doctor, we could keep him. And now the entire Obamacare regime is dedicated to being, as Mark Twain put it, “economical with the truth.”

Of particular note is what is called Covered California from my home state. Sharyl Attkisson, of the Daily Signal, has written a two–part series that shows the lies are baked in at Obamacare California.

If you ask Executive Director Peter Lee, everything is going swimmingly: “94 percent of those who renewed their Covered California insurance this year kept their same policies, meaning ‘those plans having the right mix of doctors, the right mix of care options for them, and the right one they wanted to stay with.’”

Ninety–four percent is an impressive number, particularly considering Obamacare is mandatory, and most readers would assume everyone kept their insurance. Which makes 94 percent a real success story. Except they didn’t keep their insurance, and it’s not a success story.

The truth is (there’s that word again), over one–third of Covered California policyholders dropped their insurance altogether.

Attkisson contends this is one of the worst retention rates in the nation. And for those poor souls who are still at the mercy of Covered California, the situation doesn’t get any better, 84 percent of the policyholders will be paying increased premiums in 2015.

Aiden Hill, formerly a big supporter of Obamacare and head of the Covered California call center, says the coverage he gets from his Obamacare policy is less than he had before passage of the law and his premium skyrocketed 71 percent. In his words, “So much for competition.” I really believe that we’ve created a monster — and it’s an unaccountable monster.”

In the beginning Covered California padded coverage figures by counting applications as enrollments. Since customers often had to try multiple times to complete an enrollment the numbers soared. Now instead of increasing coverage of the uninsured, the pool of covered is shrinking.

Earlier this year, Covered California predicted it would increase enrollment by 500,000, yet after you subtract the 35 percent that didn’t renew their policies in 2014, the 7,098 new enrollees this year won’t make a dent in the nonrenewals.

The cost for this massive failure of government health insurance currently totals $1.06 billion. And that’s not putting any cost on the wasted time, reduced coverage and increased premiums faced by the public.

If Obamacare was a business it would be bankrupt. But since it’s the government, unless something is done in Washington, it will continue until we’re bankrupt.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan. He is president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation and chairman of the League of American Voters. Mike is an in-demand speaker with Premiere.