October 26, 2021


Recently a historic event took place at the Vatican: a meeting between the communist dictator Raul Castro and Pope Francis.

We know that the Pope played an important role in the restoration of relations between the U.S. and Cuba. The Vatican coordinated secret meetings between representatives of the two countries for 18 months before president Obama announced his decision to restore relations with the communist regime of the Castro brothers.

During his visit to the Vatican, Raul Castro made strange comments to Pope Francis. Castro spoke of his Jesuit roots and promised to attend mass when the Pope would visit Cuba next September. Ironically, Raul Castro, the communist dictator of a country characterized by constant Christian repression (where there has been no freedom of religion for more than 50 years), decided to talk about his religious past.

Hypocritically, Castro had promised to attend mass, but did not promise democratic changes or the restoration of freedoms and human rights in Cuba. In this regard, Mary Anastasia O’Grady of The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article entitled “What is behind the meeting between Pope Francis and Raul Castro”. According to O’Grady, the Cuban dictator went to Rome to polish his image and the Pope helped him do it.

Castro is not the first Marxist Socialist to visit the Vatican recently. Since Pope Francis became the leader of the Catholic Church, several world-renowned leftists have gone through the doors of the Vatican.

On more than one occasion the Pope invited Peruvian Rev. Gustavo Gutierrez to the Vatican. Gutierrez is considered the father and founder of the movement called “Liberation Theology” and has been in the Vatican as both a visitor and speaker.

Ion Mihai Pacepa, a former high-ranking Soviet general who defected to the United States, told the ACI Press that The “Liberation Theology” was the product of the KGB in the 60’s. According to Pacepa, it was a highly secret program of containing disinformation approved by Aleksandr Shelepin, the chairman of the KGB.

Apparently, the program’s mission was to take control of the World Council of Churches, the largest ecumenical international organization after the Vatican, represented by 550 million Christians in 120 countries. The communist general also said that The “Liberation Theology” was a “revolutionary tool in South America”.

On February 25th 2014 Gustavo Gutierrez spoke at the Vatican during the presentation of a book entitled “Poor for the poor, the mission of the church.” Pope Francis wrote the preface and the Rev. Gutierrez contributed two chapters.

According to Gutierrez the precepts of The “Liberation Theology” are in line with the social teachings of the church. Pope Francis shares this view.

Another famous radical socialist that the Vatican has opened its doors to is Jeffrey Sachs. Sachs is an American economist known in the international leftist circles frequented by George Soros. As Barack Obama, Sachs is a strong supporter of the Re-distribution of Wealth, Global taxes and Global warming. Jeffrey Sachs is the Director of “Millennium Project of the United Nations” and one of the biggest proponents of population control in the world, including abortion.

Sachs has worked with governments in Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Asia and Africa on issues related to economic reforms. He has also been special adviser to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations as well as Pope Francis.

Jeffrey Sachs is closely connected to several national and international socialist organizations. Among them, The “Fundación Ideas” created by the Hispanic Socialist Workers Party and The “Federation of American Scientists”. According to Wikipedia, Sachs writes for the Huffington Post since 2009. He has also participated in numerous forums and conferences with George Soros and other well-known socialists. Both, Soros and Sachs share the liberal vision of the “New World Order”

Jeffrey Sachs was recently one of the speakers during the general assembly of “Caritas” held in the Vatican. Caritas is an international organization of 164 Catholic churches. After the event, Sachs said the Pope’s visit to this country in September will challenge the idea of ​​the United States on the God-given rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.

Sachs said: “The Pope will call on the United Nations to join the crusade of the New World Order.” According to Jeffrey Sachs, to achieve these goals requires a global tax. Sachs believes that Americans should contribute $845 billion to create a “New World Order”

Jeffrey Sachs is a radical globalist critic of the United States and the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. On one occasion speaking before the Party of European Socialists among others things Sachs said: “It is my honor to be here with you.” “In America we don’t have a commitment to redistribution.” Sachs also prided the socialist party by saying “You are the most important and most successful political path. ”

These three people have something in common: they represent values ​​contrary to Christianity and the essence of the United States.

The Castro brothers have not only subjugated the Cuban people for more than 50 years, but they have also committed crimes against humanity to impose their marxist socialist agenda in Cuba since 1959.

Jeffrey Sachs is one of the leading liberal proponents of population control and abortion in the world. He is a person who believes that America must follow the mandate of the United Nations under the implementation of a “New World Order”.

Gustavo Gutierrez is the father of a theological movement created by the Soviet Union to infiltrate, corrupt, and impose socialist ideas in the Catholic world.

It is inconceivable that people like Castro, Gutierrez, and Sachs met with the Pope, gave lectures at the Vatican, and are top advisers of the highest Catholic authority in the world. I wonder how Catholicism will suffer from the unexpected and surprising political stance of the Pope.

Pope Francis’ relationship with Raul Castro, Gustavo Gutierrez, and Jeffrey Sachs bring to mind a popular saying: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”.

I leave you with two important questions: What are the goals of Pope Francis? In what direction does he want to take the Catholic Church?

For further information I invite you to watch the interview of Vic Biorseth from The Catholic American Thinker, run by Cliff Kincaid from America’s Survival below.