October 15, 2021

REVEALED: The Amount Anti-American Rioters Were Paid to Destroy American Cities

REVEALED: The Amount Anti-American Rioters Were Paid to Destroy American Cities

It has come to be known, after overwhelming evidence and testimony from the trial of police officer Darren Wilson, that the much-publicized “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” narrative, bandied about by nearly everyone in the Democrat Media Complex to a few members of the St. Louis Rams, was a complete and utter lie, a big lie, created ad nauseam so that the gullible useful idiots in America, i.e., progressive useful idiots, would believe it to be true.

But as bad and as big a leftist lie that was, another one has surfaced that rises to the same level, that is, that the riots in Ferguson, Baltimore and other Democrat ran cities, were natural, spontaneous grassroots uprisings out of a police oppression.

It has now been revealed that the riots were anything but “grassroots,” but were, as Nancy Pelosi tried to smear the Tea Party with absolutely no evidence, as “astroturf,” funded by the likes of America-haters like Democrat Party ATM, one-world socialist, George Soros.

As we learned in January via the Washington TimesSoros funded racist, communist front groups to the tune of $33 million, to destroy American cities, a disturbing revelation which begs the question: Why is this man not behind bars? (Oh yeah, Eric Holder was the attorney general.)

We now learn that peaceful protesters rioting thugs were paid $5,000 per month and more to wreck havoc on American cities!  The Gateway Pundit reports:

Earlier this week black protesters staged a protest at at the office of MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) on Thursday to press their claim that groups led by whites have collected tens of thousands of dollars in donations off of the Black Lives Matter movement without paying the Black participants their fair share.

The black protesters threatened to “f*ck up” the white protest organizers.

Now this…
It’s widely known thatFerguson activists were flown to New York City, Wisconsin, and even the West Bank to spread racial hatred.

Now we know why they’re so committed to the cause.

They are being paid – quite a bit – to disrupt and initiate violence across the country.

The protesters are talking online about how much they were getting paid to protest against the police and stir up racial hate in Ferguson and other communities since August.

** Protesters were making MORE THAN $5,000 a month to disrupt cities and attack police!

So some of the rioters are complaining with other rioters that they didn’t receive the money they were promised, even starting a hashtag, #CutTheCheck, on Twitter. One community organizer rioter, Deray McKesson,who is accused of being paid by white billionaire, George Soros, to do his dirty work, is being specifically called out:

Listening to @search4swag live now on @JoePrich– they pointing out that @deray is getting paid by Soros

— Frank4President (@2016Frank) May 16, 2015

@bree_mars @Downinthe210 @deray It’s not a “movement”. It’s all about the money! #CutTheCheck proves that! @deray is the prime instigator! — yeah right (@rapsays40) May 16, 2015

Not iTunes but listen to the archive here: http://t.co/GJkZBvZy9L The Ferguson protester who started #CutTheCheck called in. @HaloMedic

Hopefully, the next attorney general in the next administration, will investigate George Soros’ war on America and punish him like any other war criminal.