October 26, 2021

Second Shooter in Texas Attack Identified; Guess What Religion He Is

Second Shooter in Texas Attack Identified; Guess What Religion He Is

Authorities have identified the second shooter in the attack on participants at the ‘Muhammad Art Contest’ held in Garland, Texas and sponsored by Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative. Nadir Soofi was a Muslim and reportedly a Pakistani immigrant who lived in Phoenix, Arizona. He was the roommate of the other attacker, earlier identified as Muslim convert Elton Simpson. Both Soofi and Simpson were killed by Garland police after their attempted attack.

Front Page Mag’s Daniel Greenfield unearthed some disturbing facts about Soofi. Not only did he rant about his hatred for America and Israel on social media, he also hated dogs. On the other hand, Soofi loved both far-leftist Noam Chomsky as well as radical Islamic terrorists. In addition, he also loved Jesse Ventura, the unhinged and controversial former governor of Minnesota most recently in the news for suing the widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

He wrote about his disdain for dogs saying, “Man can protect his life and health by keeping a safe distance from dogs. He should not hug them, play with them, or let them come close to children. Children should be taught not to play with dogs or to fondle them.”

Soofi was not shy in writing about his devotion to Islam and even worked actively to convert young men who were in prison.

His Facebook page is full of likes for the usual Islamic figures, including Abdur Raheem Green, a Muslim convert and violent bigot, whose organization was linked to ISIS Jihadists.

Also listed were the usual suspects like Sheikh Khalid Yasin and Zakir Naik, who invariably show up on Jihadist social media.

But alongside them were Noam Chomsky and Jesse Ventura. A man who hated dogs and loves Noam Chomsky obviously has no soul.

Despite these sick twisted views, Nadir Soofi wrote on Facebook that he was able to promote Islam to kids locked up in a correctional facility.

According to Greenfield, Soofi also owned a carpet cleaning business in the Phoenix area and is believed to have been employed by a family owned dry cleaning business called ABC Cleaners or AZ BEST 1-HOUR CLEANER. There were poor reviews by some customers for his service.

Federal agents are now investigating to determine whether the two acted alone or if they were part of an international terrorist organization. ISIS supporters and members have claimed responsibility for the attack. There was also reportedly chatter for months about a possibility of an attack at the planned Mohammad art contest for months prior to it happening.