October 26, 2021

In Latin America, Socialism Equals Communism.

Image: Sheer Folly to Cozy Up to Castro Regime

Former Cuban president Fidel Castro and his brother Cuban President Raul Castro. (Adalberto Roque/AFP/Getty Images)

Four-and-a-half years after I was born in Cuba, my family ran from Fidel Castro’s communism, and we fled to Caracas, Venezuela, to live the rest of our lives in freedom, or so my parents thought.

I grew up learning how a communist (they were only called that back then, now they’re socialists of the 21st century) thought. During the first five or six years of our arrival, meetings took place at my home; the men worked on plans to invade Cuba, and their spouses sewed their clothes; I don’t know why that never came through, something to do with the “money people” that backed out. But I learned.

Let me tell you that in Latin America, socialism equals communism. I know — not so in the United States and less so in Europe, but that’s what it means for us.

One of Fidel’s mission in life that has continued with Raul, has been to destroy the United States; not necessarily by killing people, unless necessary. To do so, first he had to own Venezuela. The same with Colombia. He also had to have a “great” friendship with the rest of Latin America, which he does.

In 1967 Fidel failed a coup d’etat with then Venezuela’s President Raul Leoni; years later, without a single bullet and with the help of Hugo Chavez (whom in 1992 he also tried a coup with Carlos Andres Perez and was put in jail for about two years), Venezuela was under Cuba’s control. And now, most of Latin America has become socialist. Have you noticed?

Latin America’s socialism is not about helping people achieve their dreams. Nor is it about giving them free medical care, food, and education, though that’s what they sell with their propaganda. Socialism in Latin America is about control, making the poor poorer.

They steal from the rich and keep it for themselves. In doing so, they destroy the middle class, closing and expropriating businesses, factories, newspapers, radio and TV stations along the way.

Anyone who gets in their way is jailed or threatened (if they’re lucky). Others are tortured and killed. Here, you can be killed for speaking out and thinking differently. It’s Cuba’s model for Venezuela.

There is no future for its people; there’s no respect. What is there? Only lack of medicine, food, basic necessities, and freedom of speech.

Of course, with this model there is a lot of crime. Here, the United States, the “Empire,” as it’s called by the Venezuelan regime, is the capitalist enemy.

Many of Latin America’s head of states are extremely rich leftists who hate capitalism (to be rich is bad! they say . . .) but the truth is, they are fascists/dictators who live like kings.

The way to get them out of the way is not through “elections.”

In this video, Chavez, as presidential candidate, said he was not a socialist.

The “sheep” who really is a wolf turns into a dictator controlling every single move in the country. The king will never step down from his throne through elections now — there’s too much to lose, too much at stake. Besides, only jail awaits.

Cuba just had elections. That there were two opposition candidates who stepped down because they were very far behind.

Ha! No one dares to run for president on the island. People don’t vote, and if they did, who says who “won”? You think Raul Castro is going to step down and pass it all to a democratic successor? Freedom after almost 60 years? Ask those who are not afraid to talk, and you will find the answer.

Some people laugh when I tell them this. “Oh no, that will never happen to us! We are too powerful,” they say, more or less same thing as other countries have said. Well, it’s called propaganda, indoctrination; they’re good at it, and it’s happening now.

Communists, or socialists of the 21st century are very smart, charismatic actors. They are amazing liars. And, believe it or not, there are many already doing their job in the land of the free. With recent U.S.-Cuba ties, Fidel must be very happy.

Maria Conchita Alonso is one if the biggest names in the Latin industry. She is an actor  and a singer/songwriter who has contributed to the entertainment industry in over 60 films and in over 100 episodes of television on HBO, Showtime, NBC, ABC, CBS, Hallmark and Lifetime to name a few. Alonso was named “Hispanic Woman of the Year” by the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation in 1990.