October 22, 2021


Ferguson PoliceOn May 11th Breitbart News published an article titled “The murder of the police has nearly doubled after the press launched a hate campaign against the police”. The article title says a great truth, however, I would add a word …. the word “LIBERAL”.

In recent years the liberal media in the United States have launched an unprecedented attack on the national police. On multiple occasions liberal journalists accused police officers of abuse, brutality and the murdering of black people. According to the liberal press, these were hate crimes committed and motivated by racism.

The Breitbart article provides several examples of how the liberal media distorts information to project a different image of the national police. The author, John Nolte, also describes the role of the Obama administration, ABC, NBC, CNN and the demagogue Al Sharpton in feeding the already well known propaganda campaign against the police.

Police abuse of different types occur in many countries around the world and America is not an exception. After clarifying this issue, we must recognize an important fact. Comments from some media sources are often far from the truth.

In the United States, national statistics on the number of people killed by the police are occasionally incomplete. This problem has even been admitted by the FBI. The process of data collection and the type of information reported varies with the agencies. These variations and the inherent limitations of each agency generate multiple statistics and sometimes confusing reports.

According to the FBI, the CDC and the Youth Criminal Justice Center, the number of black people who have died at the hands of the police has fallen by 70% over the past 50 years. The same agency reported that in 2012 police guns were responsible for the deaths of 326 whites and 123 blacks. Reports from other government agencies show higher number of fatalities among black people.

A common fact is the defamation of the news the liberal media hypocritically spreads. If someone reads the news exclusively from a certain media he might think that the police in the United States have become a murder apparatus to eliminate black people from the face of the earth.

Here are some examples:

* A plague of white police that kills unarmed black youth.
* Shooting someone just because he is black.
* It is impossible to describe the fear that afflicts the heart of an African-American every time a police car pulls up .

Allegations like these degraded the national police. But it is the way the liberal media purposely generalize isolated cases without any research to create a hostile public image against the police.

Have you noticed that president Obama, the liberal media and many Democrats usually do not comment on anything when a police officer kills a white person or a Latino? Did Barack Obama ever give a press conference to denounce the death of a white individual, a Latino or a police officer under similar circumstances? Are you aware of any cases when the president ordered a government agency to investigate such crimes?

Let’s mention another relevant statistical data.

The liberal press typically ignores the role and the sacrifice of the police in safeguarding the security of Americans on a daily basis. Also, while critical of the national police, they often close their eyes and ears and barely report police abuse in communist and dictatorial countries.

According to a recent report from the FBI, the number of police officers who died in 2014 increased 89% compared to 2013. 51 police officers were killed last year while on duty. In other words, almost one member of the police was murdered every week. This number does not include the number of policemen killed in accidents. From 1980 to 2014, an average of 64 policemen have been killed each year in the United States. This is exclusive FBI data.

In another report, The Officer Down Memorial Page reported that 127 policemen were killed in 2014 while serving. According to The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial the number of policemen killed including federal, state and local cases was 126. The 2012 and 2013 statistics were similarly harmful to the national police. Both agencies reported that more than 100 police officers were killed each year.

Have you heard the Obama administration or the liberal media denouncing these deaths?

With very rare exceptions, it is honest and fair to say that the U.S. police officers are outstanding, competent and very professional. Do you know how many lives the police save in this country every day? Do you know the rate of police assaults every year? Who do we call when we need help or when we face an emergency? Have we forgotten how many police officers were killed during the September 11 terrorist attack?

In the United States the police do not look for excuses to shoot or kill someone. The statistics show otherwise. The number of justifiable homicides by police is less than one percent of the attacks to the police. I doubt you will hear this information from the liberal media.

Liberals love to talk about black people being killed by the police or blacks being killed by whites, but they never mention the cases of policemen or whites killed by blacks. They also ignore when blacks kill blacks, which holds the highest murder rate in the U.S. After all, what can we expect when the most liberal president in U.S. history says that the police in this country act stupidly?

The day this article was written President Obama signed a law to protect the police called “Blue Alert”. This law, which was named after Rafael Ramos and Liu Wenjian, two policemen killed in New York, creates a national alert system to stop anyone who injures, kills or makes credible threats against police officers.

Hopefully the Blue Alert law is the beginning of the recognition and appreciation of the police apparatus by the Obama administration. Time will only tell us.

The American people should recognize that for the most part the liberal media fails to inform. And the liberal media should learn an important fact: EVERY LIFE MATTERS.