October 16, 2021

Chief Justice Of Alabama To American Christians: “You Are Going To Be Persecuted”

images-10Chief Justice of Alabama, Roy Moore, just declared to American Christians: “You are going to be persecuted”. He said this, referencing to the Supreme Court’s recent decision to enforce sodomite “marriage” on all US states. According to the report:

The U.S Supreme Court, in ruling that gays and lesbians have a right to marry nationwide, handed a decisive loss to Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who earlier this year fought to keep same-sex marriage from coming to Alabama.

The chief justice, speaking Sunday at Kimberly Church of God, lashed out at the decision, saying he could not accept the ruling as correct. He said it made sin a national right and it was as wrong as the court decisions that allowed slavery.

“Just who do they think they are when one person can reverse 200-and-something years of precedent in our country and thousands of years of precedent in western civilization?” Moore said during remarks Sunday at Kimberly Church of God.

The Republican chief justice, often a lightning rod for controversy, was careful at times to quote or paraphrase the words of dissenting justices in describing his opposition including Justice Samuel Alito’s prediction that opponents of gay marriage would be vilified and Chief Justice John Robert’s phrase of, “Just who do we think we are?”

“Welcome to the new world. It’s just changed for you Christians. You are going to be persecuted according to the U.S Supreme Court dissents,” Moore said.