October 27, 2021

Pope Francis and the Environment

“Explosive Papal Intervention”: Pope Calls for International Government to Avoid Environmental Cataclysm from Global WarmingIt is tragic that Pope Francis has issued a new 191-page encyclical called “Laudato Si” (Praise Be to You) which is similar to the United Nations Agenda 21. The members of the globalist elite of the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission, who want a planetary government under the United Nations but controlled by them, are using the environmental fear mongering of global warming to implement Agenda 21 to enslave of us all. This document attacks capitalism as Pope Francis has done throughout his entire life.

It is outrageous that the Pope wrote that “the Christian tradition has never recognized the absolute right to private property.” This is not true! In addition, this statement is pure communism! Where is that statement in the Bible? The Pope is lying and he must be part of the New World Order which is pushing Agenda 21 to abolish private property except for our future masters, the members of the globalist elite. They aspire to become similar to the Castro brothers in Cuba and high-ranking military, who own almost all the property in that oppressed and suffering island. They want to be the masters of the planet and the rest of us their slaves.

Pope Francis wants a radical transformation of politics, economics, and individual lifestyles to confront environmental degradation and climate change. He blasted developed countries consumerism and irresponsible development. He wrote about the relentless exploitation and destruction of the environment and said that apathy, the reckless pursuit of profits, excessive faith in technology, and political shortsightedness are to blame. He declared that the victims are the world’s poorest people, who are being dislocated and disregarded.

Pope Francis supports the Marxist liberation theology

Even though Pope Francis has said that he is not a Marxist and that he is opposed to the Marxist liberation theology followed by radical communist priests, nuns, and bishops, his actions betray his statements. Historian Roberto Bosca at the Austral University in Buenos Aires said that Pope Francis supported liberation theology’s preferential option for the poor, although “in a non-ideological fashion.” Before becoming Pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio described liberation theology’s preferential option for the poor as part of a long Christian tradition rooted in the Gospels.

His Holiness John Paul II, who after his death was canonized, was a great anti-communist and an enemy of the Marxist liberation theology of the Catholic Church. In 1984, his Holiness Pope John Paul II punished Miguel D’Escoto for refusing to get out of politics and did not allow him to officiate masses or offer sacraments.

It was most unfortunate that in August 2014 Pope Francis lifted the Church’s almost 30-year ban on Maryknoll priest Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann’s right to celebrate Mass and offer sacraments. By taking this unwise action, Pope Francis sent the wrong message of tolerance and acceptance to all the communists within the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, many now believe that Pope Francis sympathizes with the Marxist liberation theology of the Church.

Priest Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann was minister of Foreign Relations in the communist Sandinista regime of Nicaragua and also president of the General Assembly of the United Nations. His Holiness Pope Francis ended the punishment of this communist priest, which had been imposed by his Holiness Pope John Paul II for refusing to abandon communist politics.

After the punishment was lifted by Pope Francis, the communist priest Miguel d’Escoto immediately attacked the late Saint Pope John Paul II for “an abuse of authority.” He also said that Fidel Castro is a messenger of the Holy Spirit in “the necessity of struggle” to establish “the reign of God on this earth that is the alternative to the empire.”

Totalitarian dictators Fidel and his brother Raúl Castro were responsible for assassinating 14,000 Cuban patriots, jailing over 300,000, and forcing tens of thousands to leave Cuba in rafts and small boats with an estimated 80,000 perish at sea trying to reach Florida. The serial assassin Fidel Castro is the messenger of the devil!

D’Escoto, age 82, belongs to the Maryknoll Missionary Congregation, which supports the liberation theology. Some Maryknoll nuns have supported and fought with communist guerrillas. Miguel d’Escoto was born in the United States and was ordained in 1961 in New York. He became one of the strongest proponents of the Marxist liberation theology. He collaborated with the National Sandinista Liberation Front (Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional).

After the coming to power of the Sandinista dictator Daniel Ortega, the communist priest was named Minister of Foreign Relations. When Miguel d’Escoto became President of the United Nations General Assembly, he chose a communist, Howard Zinn, as his personal assistant. Zinn is the author of a communist textbook, A People’s History of the United States, which is used in many universities across the United States by socialist professors. Pope Francis welcomed with open arms the communist Miguel d’Escoto to the Vatican.

Pope Francis also invited to the Vatican the Marxist Peruvian priest Gustavo Gutiérrez who is usually regarded as father of liberation theology. Gutiérrez had co-authored a book with Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Miller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Vatican’s semiofficial newspaper L’ Obsservatore Romano said at the time that the liberation theology should not continue to be ignored.

Rather than continuing to be not ignored, this writer believes that liberation theology needs to be completely eradicated since communism and the Catholic religion are incompatible. Our Lord Jesus Christ preached liberty from oppression and communism does the opposite.

Who is Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller?


Marxist Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller

Gerhard Ludwig Müller (born 31 December 1947) is a Catholic Cardinal and Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). On July 2, 2012, he was appointment by Pope Benedict XVI to that important position in the Vatican. On February 22, 2014, Pope Francis made him a cardinal since Müller, like him, supports the theology of liberation. In an interview in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Cardinal Müller said Pope Francis “is not so much a liberation theologian in the academic sense, but as far as pastoral work is concerned, he has close ties with liberation theology’s concerns.”

In the 1980s the CDF under then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger attacked liberation theology as borrowing “from various currents of Marxist thought“ and said that it was a “heresy”. In 1988 Müller visited to Peru and met the communist priest Gustavo Gutiérrez, regarded as the father of the movement. Gustavo Gutiérrez convinced Müller of the value of liberation theology.

The Marxist Müller stated the following: “Liberation theology wants to make God’s liberating actions visible in the Church’s religious and social practice… It would stop being genuine theology if it were to confuse the Christian message with Marxist or other social analysis.” The German newspaper asked Müller if liberation theology was meanwhile recognized as a form of thought on an equal footing with the other traditional forms of theology, Cardinal Müller explained that liberation theology’s basic concern was congruent with the Gospel for the Poor – “for those on the periphery”, as Pope Francis never tired of emphasizing, he said.

Cardinal Müller has been a pupil and friend of communist priest Gustavo Gutiérrez, the father of Latin-American liberation theology. Commenting on Gutiérrez, Archbishop Müller stated: “The theology of Gustavo Gutiérrez, independently of how you look at it, is orthodox because it is orthopractic and it teaches us the correct way of acting in a Christian fashion since it comes from true faith.” Gutiérrez co-authored a book with Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

It is horrible that the Vatican has been infiltrated by communists over the years until the cardinals selected the first pro-Muslim Marxist Pope. Since then Pope Francis have brought to Rome several liberation theology advocates. This writer is convinced that Pope Francis will create a serious breach between Marxists in the Church and anticommunists priests, bishops and parishioners.

Gustavo Gutiérrez was born on June 8, 1928 in the Monserratbarrio of Lima, Peru. He is of Indian (Quechua) and Spanish heritage. Gutiérrez studied medicine and literature in Peru. From 1951 to 1955, he studied Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Louvain in Belgium. From 1955 to1959, Gutiérrez studied at the University of Lyons where he received his Doctor of Philosophy in Theology. At both European universities, Gutiérrez continued his studies of Karl Marx. He had studied Marxism earlier in Lima. His experiences and learning in Europe were important for the development of liberation theology.

Gustavo Gutiérrez, a Peruvian theologian and Dominican communist priest, is considered as the father of liberation theology. He wrote a book in Spanish La teología de la liberación (Liberation Theology) in 1972. Gutiérrez had co-authored a book with Gerhard Ludwig Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on liberation theology. Pope Francis invited him to the Vatican to honor him.

In 1959, at the age of 31, Gutiérrez returned to Lima and decided to infiltrate the Catholic Church as Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro wanted. He was ordained as a priest that year. The Soviet KGB had already made plans to use the Church to bring communism to Latin America and the world. As a parish priest, he began working as a tutor in the Department of Theology and Social Science at the Catholic University of Lima. He holds the John Cardinal O’Hara Professorship of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. This American Jesuit university gave Obama an honorary degree even though he voted in favor of abortion and infanticide and persecutes Christians in the nation. Gutiérrez has been professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and is a visiting professor at many major universities in North America and Europe.

On May 15, 2015, Mary Anastasia O’Grady wrote in the Wall Street Journal an article entitled “Behind the Pope’s Embrace of Castro Speculation Runs from a Trojan Horse Plan to Latin American Antipathy of the U.S.” She explained that priest Gustavo Gutiérrez, the Peruvian who launched liberation theology and wrote a book on this topic, was back at the Vatican. He told journalists that the Church never condemned his Marxist theology and praised Pope Francis’ views on poverty. This writer knows that this Peruvian Marxist priest is lying and ignoring the fact that the two previous popes denounced and suspended many Marxist priests who were adherents of liberation theology.

O’Grady pointed out that the warmth and hospitality that Pope Francis Pope showed to Cuban dictator Raúl Castro at the Vatican has baffled many Catholics. The dictator went to “Rome for a public-relations boost and Pope Francis obliged him.” During their encounter, dictator Castro mocked the Catholic faith by saying “that he would return to the Church if the pope behaved.” He also insulted every Cuban refugee by giving the Pope, of all things, a piece of art done by a Cuban artist depicting a migrant at prayer.

O’Grady wrote that Pope Francis gave the Cuban dictator a copy of his 2013 apostolic exhortation titled “The Joy of the Gospel” in which he sharply criticizes economic freedom. The Pope is preaching to the converted. As Raúl Castro puts it, “The pontiff is a Jesuit, and I, in some way, am too. I studied at Jesuit schools.”

Some Catholics have tried to excuse Pope Francis’s hostility toward economic freedom and market economics conveyed in his article “The Joy of the Gospel” by saying that he grew up in a corrupt state-run economy. However, O’Grady wrote an article on the Wall Street Journal pointing out the following: “This is nonsense. Argentine statism explicitly denounces market economics. I can only speculate about the Holy Father’s Cuba views. But he is earning a dubious political reputation.”

Upon becoming Pope, His Holiness Francis was praised by all Marxist Catholic religious officials who practice liberation theology throughout the world. They now think that they have an ally in the Vatican.

Pope Francis has implemented a complete reversal of the policy practiced by His Holiness John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, who expelled thousands of priests who practiced liberation theology throughout the world. This is very sad and alarming!

Dialogos con Fidel When Pope Francis was known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio he wrote a book, Dialogues Between Pope John Paul II and Fidel Castro (1998) (Diálogos entre Juan Pablo II y Fidel Castro), published in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has always demonstrated a rare interest in the affairs of communist Cuba, even saying that the U.S. naval base at Guantánamo should be returned to Cuba. Is that in the Bible?

César Vidal, a well-known Spanish writer and journalist, wrote an article on May 18, 2015. He explained that the prologue of over 50 pages of this book written by the then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Archbishop of Buenos Aires is very reveling of the ideology of the current pope.

He attributed the poverty of Cuba solely to the blockade (Cuban communist term for the U.S. commercial embargo) by the United States and not to the enormous mismanagement by the bloody tyranny of the Castro brothers and its failed command communist economy. The Argentinian cardinal wrote that the social and political system that was closest to the social doctrine of the Catholic Church was the Cuban socialism, if only added God to its regime! Vidal explained that anyone who read the prologue of the now Pope Francis would have no doubt that he was sympathetic to the Cuban regime.

Political prisoners Former political prisoners Nelis Rojas de Morales, Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” and Dr. Ángel Cuadra during a press conference denounced Cardinal Ortega on June 16, 2015.

Former political prisoners denounced Cardenal Ortega

Pope Francis is supported by the pro-communist Cardenal Jaime Ortega Alamino in Havana. He said on June 7, 2015 in Spain that there were no political prisoners in Cuba knowing that he was lying. There are many political prisoners in Cuban jails, one of them Armando Sosa Fortuny has been in prison for 39 years! Antúnez, who served more than 15 years in prison, stated the following regarding Cardenal Ortega: “He has betrayed us, he betrays the oppressed prisoners.”

Barack Obama has the same Marxist ideology of Pope Francis

Obama attended for 20 years the pro-Muslim Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright, practiced the black liberation theology, which is similar to the Marxist Catholic Church theology of liberation. Reverend Wright constantly praised Fidel Castro and the communist Sandinistas in his sermons. He also attacked the United States government and whites in the nation. Pastor Wright, instead of saying God bless America, said God damn America since, in his view, this nation is the worst country in the world. Barack and Michelle Obama never minded their pastor’s racist and anti-patriotic incendiary sermons while they attended that church for two decades.

It did not surprise this writer that the Marxist Pope Francis wanted to save the tyranny in Cuba with the help of the Marxist who lives in the White House. How horrible for anticommunist Catholics, especially for those born in Cuba and Venezuela, to have such a pope in the Holy See!

One has to look at the socialist and communist nations of Latin America, such as Venezuela and Cuba, whose leaders have oppressed and impoverished enormously their people, to know that what Pope Francis advocates is a terrible mistake. Even when you look at the socialist countries of Europe, which are now near bankruptcy for spending money that they did not have, it is obvious that Pope Francis does not understand economics and market-oriented capitalism. The United States and the European countries have printed $11 trillion out of the thin air since 2008 and this could bring a worldwide collapse of the financial system.

Pope Francis needs to remember that the two previous popes called the liberation theology a “heresy” and a “fundamental threat” to the Church. Additionally, inviting Muslims to pray in the Vatican and being pro-radical Muslim and anti-Israel are also terrible mistakes.

Pope Francis needs to be very careful unless he wants to split the Catholic Church in a major way. Pope Francis promised change, as did Fidel Castro and Barack Obama. There are now millions of Catholics and some priests and bishops who are alarmed by the changes Pope Francis wants to implement from the Vatican. This is especially true of those individuals who have lived and suffered under oppressive communist regimes.

The new encyclical “Laudato Si,” (Praise Be to You)

Nicole Winfield, Rachel Zoll, and Seth Borenstine, reporters of the Associated Press wrote an article entitled “Pope: Act Now to Save Earth” which was published in the Miami Herald on June 19, 2015. They explained that Pope Francis issued an environmental manifesto on June 18, 2015 calling for a cultural revolution to correct, what he described as, a “structurally perverse” economic system where the rich exploits the poor, turning Earth into an “immense pile of filth.”

Pope Francis wrote that “climate change as an urgent moral issue, blaming global warming on an unfair, fossil fuel-based industrial model that harms the poor most.” The encyclical “Laudato Si” (Praise Be to You) is an indictment of big business and climate change doubters to encourage changes at the United Nations (U.N.) climate change negotiations later in 2015. The Pope wrote the following:

“It is not enough to balance, in the medium term, the protection of nature with financial gain, or the preservation of the environment with progress. Halfway measures simply delay the inevitable disaster. Put simply, it is a matter of redefining our notion of progress…This vision of ‘might is right’ has engendered immense inequality, injustice and acts of violence against the majority of humanity, since resources end up in the hands of the first comer or the most powerful: the winner takes all. Completely at odds with this model are the ideals of harmony, justice, fraternity and peace as proposed by Jesus.

United Nations official in charge of climate change Christiana Figueres stated the following: “This clarion call should guide the world toward a strong and durable universal climate agreement in Paris at the end of this year. Coupled with the economic imperative, the moral imperative leaves no doubt that we must act on climate change now.”

The reporters pointed out that energy lobby were quick to criticize the encyclical’s anti-fossil fuel message. Thomas Pyle of the Institute of Energy Research, a conservative free-market group, stated the following: “The simple reality is that energy is the essential building block of the modern world. The application of affordable energy makes everything we do – food production, manufacturing, health care, transportation, heating and air conditioning – better.”

Pope Francis said he hoped his encyclical would lead ordinary people in their daily lives and decision-makers at the Paris U.N. climate meetings to a wholesale change of mind and heart. The Pope stated that “both the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor” must now be heard. Pope Francis blames politicians for listening more to oil industry interests than the Scriptures or common sense.

Winfield, Zoll, and Borenstine believed that this document will make many conservatives and climate doubters nervous, including members of Congress. Pope Francis will address both chambers in September 2015. It has already put several Republican presidential candidates “on the hot seat since some Republicans Catholics among them, doubt the science behind global warming and have said the pope should stay out of the debate.” Jeb Bush, who is a Catholic, stated the following: “I don’t think we should politicize our faith. I think religion ought to be about making us better as people and less about things that end up getting into the political realm.”

The reporters wrote that the Pope praised a “less is more” lifestyle, one that abandons air conditioners and gated communities in favor of car pools, recycling, and being in close touch with the poor and marginalized. The Pope calls for radical policies to transition the world’s energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable sources. He stated that mitigation schemes like the buying and selling of carbon credits will not solve the problem and are just a “ploy which permits maintaining the excessive consumption of some countries and sectors.”

This writer believes that the Argentine pope is pushing Marxism and high taxes on developed nations in order to give billions to Third World dictators to fight climate change. The Pope is very naïve in thinking that these dictators, such as his friend Raúl Castro, will use the extorted funds for the benefit of their oppressed citizens. Quite the contrary, the Third World dictators will steal the money as they have been doing all the time. Many conservative Catholics are astounded of the Pope’s involvement in the negotiations of the Obama administration to recognize Cuba diplomatically and his emphasis on the environment and climate change over other issues such as abortion, infanticide,, and marriage. Pope Francis has been sharply criticized by those who see the encyclical as a very strong attack on capitalism and as political meddling.

Nations around the world are now developing domestic climate-change plans to prepare for a U.N. summit meeting on the issue in Paris in December 2015. The meeting’s goal is to achieve a sweeping accord in which every nation would commit to new policies to limit greenhouse-gas emissions. Many governments have yet to present plans, including major emitters like Brazil and China.

Pope Francis will visit the United States

Pope Francis will arrive in New York City in late September 2015 and then visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He will speak before a joint session of Congress. White House officials are delighted with the Pope’s visit and have worked with the former ambassador to the Vatican, Kent Hackett, to persuade the Pope on what to say, especially on climate change. Obama is very pleased with the new encyclical issued by Pope Francis on the dangers of global warming as it follows his perverse agenda to damage America.

Obama wants the Marxist Pope to speak on income inequality, the need to spread the wealth, and against the free market capitalist economy of America. Obama said, “I can’t wait to host him.” Obama is so arrogant and narcissistic that he wants the Pope to follow his radical Marxist pro-Muslim agenda and has even suggested to him what to say in America. However, the president does not need to worry as the Pope hates capitalism and likes Cuba’s communist regime, if Castro could just add God to the equation!

The president must have been delighted when Pope Francis recognized the Palestinian Authority as a nation (even though it is not) and called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas “an Angel of Peace.” This writer guesses that Pope Francis must believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “a Devil of War.” Never mind that the Palestinian Authority organized a government of unity with the terror organization Hamas, a political party founded by the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt in Gaza. Never mind that Hamas has attacked Israel many times, even building tunnels with funds from the terrorist-supporting nation of Qatar to assassinate Israeli soldiers. Now Pope Francis wants to canonize an anti-Semitic priest.

Pope Francis certainly is not a friend of Israel and neither is Obama. It seems that both of them have a lot in common, except for the issues of same-sex marriage, abortion, infanticide, and forcing the Church to provide for abortion, contraceptive, and sterilization in the health insurance plans offered to its employees at schools and hospitals.

Just as liberation theology religious officials were delighted with the election of Pope Francis to the Vatican, radical leftist and Marxist politicians in the United States admire the Argentinian Pope. Pope Francis’s writings are similar in the area of economic theory to the socialist policies of many Democratic Party politicians. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praises Pope Francis as does Marxist Senator and presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.

There is one major problem for Obama and the Pope and that is that socialist economic policies increase poverty and bankrupt countries as has been demonstrated throughout history. Being concerned for the poor is meaningless for both the Pope and Obama since the socialist economic policies that they both advocate damage the economy, increase poverty and unemployment, and increase the dependence of citizens on an all-powerful and controlling government. This type of government also reduces liberty and freedom of opportunity.

The Rio+ 20 Conference

In June 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to attend the 20th anniversary of the original Rio Conference on global sustainability. This conference was known as Rio+20. Without the approval of Congress, Secretary Clinton, on behalf of President Barack Obama, committed the United States to give the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) $2 billion towards an eventual fund of $100 billion.

Our contribution would go to a Green Climate Fund, which is located in Switzerland. This institution was created by the United Nations Climate Conference in Durban, South Africa, in December 2011. The Green Climate Fund will be run by a 24-nation interim board. The money towards this United Nations agency would come from developed nations, such as ours. It will then be distributed to Third World countries, many of which are led by dictators, to be used to fight climate change.

The United States would have no control as to where our money is spent. Much of our foreign aid in the past was wasted. Instead of going to the poor people, this aid went to the pockets of Third World dictators.UNEP


United Nations Environmental Programme

Achim Steiner, United Nations Under-Secretary General and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) executive director, stated the following at the Rio+20 Conference: “World leaders and governments have today agreed that a transition to a green economy, backed by strong social provisions, offers a key pathway towards a sustainable 21st century.”

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann in their book, Here Come the Black Helicopters!: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom (2012), described the statement by Steiner as a new form of global extortion and the first major step in “a global scheme to redistribute resources from the First World nations, whose industry and hard work has created them, to Third World dictators who can stash the money in Swiss bank accounts.” The plan is for developed nations, which do not include China or India, to have a major transfer of wealth using the environment as an excuse.

Agenda 21 and Fake Climate Change Studies

The first Rio Conference in 1992 created Agenda 21, a most ambitious global initiative in an effort to fight climate change. Agenda 21 is the United Nations’ plan to take over the world and create a world government using phony science on global warming. All of the United Nations’ studies on global warming have been discredited since the scientists who prepared them falsified the data.

Susanne Posel wrote an article entitled “Fake Climate Studies Influences Public Opinion Through Propaganda” on her website on May 15, 2013. She explained the following:

“Scientists who are outspoken about their doubt concerning man-made climate change are subject to hate mail and viable threats to their families and livelihood. In the United Kingdom, the government funds climate change studies which translate into public support and eventual reduction of personal freedoms of British citizens in the name of saving the planet. The Yale Project on Climate Change (YPCCC) is injecting propaganda to convince the general public that man-made global warming is real and their fault. Working with the Obama administration the YPCCC have provided numerous studies in favor of man-made climate change in order to provide necessary influence over the perception of the public. However, proof of their fear-mongering has been exposed with developments in Climategate and Penn State professor Michael Mann who created the infamous hockey stick graph that became the crux of climate change alarmists and was an absolute fabrication. Mann and his theory influenced an entire movement to intentionally manipulate scientific data to make global warming appear direr than it actually is.”

Susanne Posel pointed out that this scheme has involved agencies and governmental bodies such as The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The National Science Foundation, The British House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, Penn State University, and various independent panels. The research shows a clear cooling trend while global warming alarmists continue to claim that the planet is heating up and because of human activity and greenhouse gas emissions, there must be severe restrictions in industrialized nations before we cross “the tipping point.”

Posel wrote that Klaus–Ekart Puls, physicist and meteorologist, pointed out that climate change is normal as the planet goes through phases of climate warming “many that even far exceeded the extent we see today. But there hasn’t been any warming since 1998. In fact the IPCC suppliers of data even show a slight cooling.” He explained that the IPCC climate change computer models are based on “speculative model projections, so-called scenarios – and not prognoses. Because of climate’s high complexity, reliable prognoses just aren’t possible.”

Alarmist scientists have come forth to disagree with the findings of this study. And those professors who work for climate change departments at prestigious universities have a personal investment in the continuation of climate change research. Should the public consensus shift to only accept scientific data and not the alarmist perspective, those professors would be out of their jobs.

In 2011, the technocratic investment corporation E.L. Rothschild, LLC., headed by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild, bought 70% voting stock and acquired controlling interest in The Weather Channel. This acquisition afforded the Rothschild banksters the ability to further the propaganda of man-made climate change. The Rothchilds and their allies, the Rockefellers, are part of the New World Order. These two globalist powerful ally families and their billionaire powerful friends belong to the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission who want a planetary government under the United Nations but controlled by them. They are using the environmental scare of global warming to implement Agenda 21 to control humanity.

If Agenda 21 is fully implemented, Americans would lose their sovereignty and independence, their wealth, and their land to the United Nations and a group of powerful elites would enslave everyone. Even though Agenda 21 was never ratified by the United States Senate, many states and local zoning and planning boards are implementing some of the recommendations as they prepare norms for land use.

In order to bypass the United States Senate, President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order Number 12852 to implement Agenda 21. Morris and McGann explained that Agenda 21 spells out how each of us must live in the New World Order as follows: “We need to leave rural areas, low density suburbs, and leafy small towns and aggregate in big cities and crowded urban areas.” The United Nations by means of Agenda 21 threatens the sovereignty of the United States and wishes to control our food supply, financial institutions, land, oceans, and rivers, all using the threat to the environment. If the corrupt and radical Hillary Clinton is elected president in 2016, she will continue to implement Agenda 21 with the assistance of the Marxist Argentinian Pope.

United Nations Treaties

The United Nations and the dictators of the Third World cannot wait to steal our money. To add injury to insult, Third World dictators have insisted that when they receive our money they want to be immune from legal challenges and lawsuits or outside inspections. What they mean is that they want to have a free hand to use our money for personal gain. Unfortunately, our president not only wants to redistribute wealth inside our country but also redistribute wealth of our nation among Third World countries.


United Nations building in New York City built on land donated by the Rockefellers.

Obama would also like to sign many United Nations treaties, such as the Law of the Sea (LOST), that would put us on the road to a world government. The LOST treaty, which was negotiated in the 1970s, would abruptly place two thirds of the oceans under the control of the United Nations. When this treaty was presented to President Ronald Reagan in 1982, he rejected it, as did Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain.

The treaty created another United Nations agency with the purpose of transferring the wealth from developed nations to Third World countries called the International Seabed Authority (ISA). The ISA will have the right to impose taxes or collect royalties on offshore oil and gas wells that are more than 200 nautical miles from the coasts of the United States. If this treaty were to be approved by the United States Senate, over time, billions of dollars would be taken from U.S. multinational corporations that drill for oil and gas far away from our coasts. Money would go to the United Nations instead of going to the U.S. Treasury. Additionally, the United States will be forced to share our technology for free with the entire world.

The treaty would become a massive global welfare program to Third World nations and be handled by the often corrupt bureaucrats from the United Nations. Additionally, this treaty would endanger our national security since our money could go to enemy nations that would use it to attack us. Sadly, the Obama administration fully supports the Law of the Sea as did previous administrations.

The Second Amendment to our Constitution, the right to bear arms is currently under assault by the Obama administration. Now Obama has a new ally in disarming our nation in the form of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which was just approved by the United Nations. One of the largest impediments to the establishment of a U.N.’s socialist world government is the weapons that the Americans possess. Obama is pushing hard for the Senate to ratify the ATT which includes registering, banning, and eventually confiscating all guns by the U.N. Should the Senate ever pass this diabolical treaty, it is over for freedom-loving patriots in our beloved nation. We need to keep our weapons as our Founders intended in order to defend our liberty against domestic and foreign enemies.

The United Nations, as well as Iran, China, Russia, and most Arab nations, wants the U.N. agency the International Telecommunication Union to take over the internet and restrict its usage and regulate its content. Dictators and tyrants, such as Fidel and Raul Castro, want to control the flow of information to its people. The internet in our nation, while is not perfect, serves as a vehicle to provide information to our citizens that the established pro-Obama press does not cover. As explained earlier, the media in our nation is controlled by the CFR, TC, and BG. We read and see in television what these groups want us to know. Thank God for the internet! The Obama administration would like to restrict the information that we get but so far he has not tried to pass laws to do just that.

The United Nations would also like to have supremacy over our courts and place our nation under the jurisdiction of International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice. President George W. Bush renounced the treaty and now President Obama and the globalists would like our Senate to approve it. If our Senate were to approve such a treaty, we would lose our sovereignty.

The United Nations would like to have the ability to tax us without our approval to transfer our wealth to Third World dictators. Perhaps U.N. officials should read our history to find how we fought for our independence over the issue of taxation without representation.

Globalist in the European Union and elsewhere would like us to adopt a Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities. This Code would restrict our ability to place satellites and other objects in space. Unbelievably, Obama has said he will not ask the Senate for approval, he would simply follow the Code voluntarily. This is, of course, another violation of our Constitution since this Code is a treaty.

United-Nations-Global-DictatorshipThe United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) wants to accelerate international cooperation and implement regulations worldwide. In essence, UNEP would like to become a global Environmental Protection Agency.

This action would also end our sovereignty and allow the United Nations to dictate us what to do in regards to our industries and would impose hard regulations on our businesses and industries. Obama’s EPA is filled with socialists and radicals who are constantly harassing our energy companies and blocking the development of our energy resources in our nation.

The socialist and communist globalists and radical environmentalists at the United Nations have been working over the years to take away the sovereignty of our nation. As explained by Morris and McGann, the United Nations’ Commission on Global Governance published its final report, named Our Global Neighborhood, in 1995. This diabolical document recommends, among other things, the following:

  • Establishing an Economic Security Council to oversee worldwide economies.
  • Authorizing the United Nations and its agencies to impose global taxes.
  • Instituting a U.N. Army.
  • Terminating the power of the permanent members of the United Nations.
  • Creating an International Criminal Court.
  • Creating a new body of the United Nations for civil society by which advocates for the environment, population control, etc. can play a role in policy making.
  • Placing the authority for regulating the production and distribution of arms on the United Nations as well as gun control.
  • Granting mandatory jurisdiction in the International Court of Justice to all members.
  • Ceding jurisdiction over the global commons, such as oceans, space, and the environment, to the Trusteeship Council.

Pope Francis will visit the United States

Pope Francis will arrive in New York City in late September 2015 and then visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He will speak before a joint session of Congress. White House officials are delighted with the Pope’s visit and have worked with the former ambassador to the Vatican, Kent Hackett, to persuade the Pope on what to say. Obama wants Pope Francis to speak on the dangers of global warming, income inequality and the need to spread the wealth. Obama said, “I can’t wait to host him.” Obama is so arrogant and narcissistic that he wants the Pope to follow his radical Marxist pro-Muslim agenda and even suggesting him what to say in America.

Unfortunately, extremely powerful organizations, such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group which are made up of billionaires and millionaires bankers, industrialists, members of the media, CEOs of multinationals, and high government officials from all over the world, also want a world government that, as they believe, they will control.

Maurice Strong

Maurice Strong and former Vice President Al Gore


Maurice Strong

Maurice Strong, a socialist who served as Undersecretary General of the United Nations, is the so-called godfather of the environmental movement. He was involved in the Stockholm conference in 1971 that led to the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme the following year. Strong organized the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, known as the Earth Summit, and held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992. Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller, and other powerful individuals became members of the Club of Rome.

In 2005, Strong became involved in the investigation of the Oil-for-Food scandal of the United Nations. It was discovered that Strong, while working for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, had endorsed a check to himself for $988,885. Although he was not indicted, he resigned to his U.N. post. He then moved to Beijing, China where he teaches at Chinese universities and advices the Chinese government. Should we trust Maurice Strong and his socialist and communist friends at the United Nations and throughout the world?

Socialist Maurice Strong, who served as Undersecretary General of the United Nations, is the so-called godfather of the environmental movement.

President Obama spoke at the United Nations Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen.


The most powerful world elite made up of financial and banking interests and their political allies want our country to surrender our sovereignty, our wealth, our liberty, and our constitutional Republic in the name of a phony environmental or another manufactured threat. Previous U.S. presidents and some globalists’ politicians from both parties and now Barack Obama want to eventually move our country to the control of the United Nations by signing treaties that are against our national interest. Now these people have found a powerful ally in the Marxist pro-Muslim Pope Francis.

The future of our country and our individual freedoms are in great danger! We must resist any and all attempts to take away our sovereignty and our liberty.

We must also pray to God this evil elite and their organizations do not succeed in enslaving us all.