October 18, 2021

These Mass Murderers All Have 1 Thing in Common, DRUGS

suboxone linked to shooterVirtually the entire country stood horrified yesterday as the extent of the depravity of the Charleston church shooter’s heinous crimes was revealed.

While most Americans tried to wrap their heads around the terrible atrocity, the usual suspects in the media and the White House immediately jumped at the opportunity to further perpetuate their anti-gun agenda, placing blame on the gun used to slaughter nine innocent people.

What the media failed to report — deliberately so, it would seem — is that there was one important commonality routinely seen in horrific mass shootings like these, and it isn’t the gun used by the murderer, but rather the drugs.

The Charleston shooter reportedly had a history of drug abuse, as well, and not just marijuana or even Xanax, but also a powerful narcotic known as Suboxone.

“He used drugs heavily a lot,” said John Mullins, a high school friend of Dylann Roof, the accused shooter. “It was obviously harder than marijuana. He was like a pill popper, from what I understood. Like Xanax and stuff like that.”