November 27, 2021

Why The Mass Media Are Silent On The Largest Human Rights Disaster Of Our Time

Why The Mass Media Are Silent On The Largest Human Rights Disaster Of Our TimeWhy is the largest human rights disaster of our time not reported by the mainstream media?

Do you read in your local paper or see on TV news that Christians are disappearing in the Middle East and other parts of the Muslim world at a pace that has never been seen before? Just 100 years ago, Christians made up 20 percent of the population in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Today, that number has been reduced to just 4 percent.

Did you know about the widespread persecution of Christians in countries like Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya?

You probably know what ISIS is doing to Christians in areas they occupy – just last month, the jihadis murdered and beheaded 30 Ethiopian Christians on a beach in Libya – but things like that are also happening in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Nigeria, where hundreds of churches have been destroyed in recent years. The list of atrocities committed by Muslims against Christians grows longer every day.

And yet, the world’s mass media remains largely silent.

Why is this happening and why do militant Muslims target Christians? Why are the media silent?

Raymond Ibrahim of Prager University gives the answers to those questions in five minutes in the video below.

The media silence on Christian persecution at the hands of Muslims has a direct link to the way they report on Israel, says Ibrahim, who is the son of an Egyptian Coptic couple who decided to emigrate to the United States.