October 19, 2021

Banned Parenthood? Pro-lifers say video scandal should get abortion provider expelled from schools

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The hidden camera scandal engulfing Planned Parenthood should be enough to get the organization kicked out of public schools, where it is the nation’s leading provider of sex ed lessons, say pro-life groups that have long suspected the nonprofit of steering youngsters toward its abortion services.

The national organization is reeling after a group called the Center for Medical Progress released a second video showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing prices for tissue from aborted fetuses. The cringe-inducing videos have prompted calls from some Republicans to cut federal funding to the organization, but its critics have long wanted it out of the classroom.

“If this doesn’t convince people of the truth – that Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business and doesn’t care about our daughters’ best interests – I don’t know what will.”

– Karen England, Capitol Resource Institute

“If this doesn’t convince people of the truth – that Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business and doesn’t care about our daughters’ best interests – I don’t know what will,” Karen England, executive director of California-based Capitol Resource Institute, told EAG news.

Planned Parenthood claims that taxpayer funds do not go to its abortion services, but its twin status as the nation’s leading provider of both abortions and sex education instruction has long bothered groups such as the Eagle Forum.

“Sex education in public schools should be handled with sensitivity and discretion instead of being handed off to a billion-dollar operation with a financial stake in these matters,” Glyn Wright, executive director of the Eagle Forum, told FoxNews.com. “Teaching abstinence, the safest choice for adolescents, will never fit their money-making agenda. From dirty clinics to harvested baby parts, Planned Parenthood refuses to observe basic standards of human decency, and at the very least, they should not have access to tax dollars to influence children. Congress should stop the funding streams to this barbaric organization.”

Valerie Huber, president and CEO of the National Abstinence Education Association, told EAG the shocking footage, the second clip of which was released Tuesday, could convince parents not to allow the group to teach their children about the birds and the bees.

“We have long advocated that any group that normalizes or encourages teen sexual activity should not have access to students,” Huber said. “That applies to (Planned Parenthood) and other groups, so this new revelation does not change our stance. (But) it strengthened our antipathy to their fitness as role models for our youth. Regardless of one’s stance on abortion, this footage creates a visceral reaction to our sensibilities and humanity.”

The Center for Medical Progress, which released the two undercover tapes, will likely release more in the the coming days.

Officials from Planned Parenthood have maintained that the video is a “gross mischaracterization” of their work and that their sex-ed programs are vital.

“In 2013, Planned Parenthood provided education and outreach to 1.5 million people of all ages across the country,” Leslie Kantor, president of education for Planned Parenthood, told FoxNews.com in a statement. “In the U.S., teen pregnancy and birth rates have reached a historic low, and more young people are delaying sexual activity and using birth control when they do have sex.

“Planned Parenthood wants all young people to have the information and resources they need to prevent unintended pregnancy, meet their life goals, and start their families when the time is right for them. We are proud to provide the sex education and services that help teens prevent unintended pregnancies, and we’re gratified that these efforts have contributed to this historic low in teen pregnancy rates.”




What: Protest PP’s harvesting and selling of aborted baby parts

Where: Planned Parenthood facilities across America

When: August 22, 2015 from 9:00am-11:00am