October 23, 2021

Is Donald Trump anti-immigrant?

images-82Donald Trump has created a phenomenon not seen in the political history of the United States. Within weeks of launching his campaign, Trump became the favored candidate of the Republican Party. While writing this article, several polls already have him in the lead. The tycoon has also been able to take a significant advantage over all the Republican candidates.

Something very curious has happened to Trump’s presidential campaign. On one hand there is a massive attack from the liberal media, Democrats, and some Republicans, and on the other hand, there has been massive acceptance of the American people.

It is understandable that the Democratic Party, the left and Liberals in this country, hate Donald Trump. The reason is clear. Politically speaking, Trump sits at the opposite side. Oddly, certain Republican groups criticize Trump despite him representing the essence of the American right.

While leftists are creating dependency and poverty year after year, Donald Trump has generated progress and individual wealth for thousands. While the left recite the same old rhetoric about social classes and the differences between rich and poor, Donald Trump constantly speaks about opportunities and jobs to rescue the poor and improve the standard of living for all Americans.

Recently, I heard a Latino activist saying that Donald Trump is anti-immigrant. She stated: “For the same reason Latinos should reject him as a presidential candidate.” Unfortunately, her opinion is the result of the malicious influences of the leftist media. As a citizen and a successful businessman, Donald Trump has created more jobs and economic prosperity for immigrants than all presidential candidates combined, Republicans and Democrats.

Has anyone asked how many immigrants or immigrant children are working in this country because of Donald Trump?Or, how many people are currently employed in hotels, companies and sport clubs created by him?

It is true, Trump made controversial comments about some Mexican illegal immigrants which sparked immediate criticism. However, his words were taken out of context. The liberal press, Democrats and even some Republicans took this opportunity to degrade Trump. As expected, his presidential campaign was the subject of continuous insults and attacks.

Trump never said that all illegal immigrants were criminals or rapists. He spoke of specific cases. Whatever your opinion about Donald Trump, let’s be honest and answer these questions: Entering another country without the required documentation is a violation of the law or not? What is the name for those who enter a country illegally?

Let’s look at this problem from another perspective. Do you think that supporting legal immigration makes a person anti-immigrant? Are Mexican authorities anti-immigrant for criticizing and chasing illegal immigrants coming from Central America?

Donald Trump said on several occasions that he has good relations with immigrants, especially Mexicans. Trump also said that his criticism was directed to the Mexican government, not against the citizens of that country.

I have a couple more questions. What has the Mexican government done to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States? How do you think Mexico (or any other country in the world) should react if the U.S. were to promote illegal immigration into their country?

The U.S. immigration crisis is a catastrophe of considerable proportions, both for national security and for the safety of its citizens, including the Hispanic community. Donald Trump paid the price for exposing a problem that is undeniable, except for Democrats and the American left.

Trump was the only presidential candidate invited by the border patrol to visit the southern border. During his short stay in Laredo, a city where more than 90% of residents are Hispanic, Trump was greeted by both supporters and opponents.

A supporter of Trump was Joseph Diaz, a lifetime Latino Democrat. Diaz was interviewed by Breitbart News and said this: “I’m sick of this administration, I’m ready for something better, I was raised a Democrat but this administration makes me want to throw up”

Referring to the border Diaz made the following statement: “Something needs to happen, this border is so porous and so not secure its amazing we haven’t had a major terrorist attack.”

Referring to Trump he said, “If that’s our hope then I’ll vote for him.”

I don’t know the reasons Joseph Diaz expressed himself that way. One thing I am sure of, Joseph Diaz does not think that Donald Trump is anti-immigrant.

It is unfortunate that the press and some politicians are focusing on destroying Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, instead of doing something to solve the serious immigration crisis this country is facing.

The opinions expressed in this article do not constitute an endorsement of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. I just do not agree that someone is called anti-immigrant for defending our national sovereign and our rule of law.

After all, Donald Trump did not create this problem. The cause of the U.S. immigration crisis lies in those who encourage it, both inside and outside the country.