October 24, 2021


trumpdonald_071815getty-1I’ve been meaning to write this note for a while, and can’t wait any more. There’s much talk about Donald Trump these days, and most is destructive, but WRONG.

Mr. Trump’s popularity rose rapidly and made him number one in all polls, to the shock and dismay of many. The media, the Left AND the Right were horrified, so many began to attempt to discredit Trump. Thankfully, Senator Ted Cruz was THE ONLY ONE that refused to trash Trump. All other presidential candidates and the Republican Party locked arms with the complacent media and the organized Left to hurt Trump, but Senator Cruz stood by his side.

The attacks, rather than weaken him, took Trump to the number one spot. When he misspoke and was told he should apologize, Trump struck back. When his critics showed his weaknesses, he told them where they could go. Donald Trump is not a rehearsed politician with canned presentations to repeat incessantly. Trump in not a fake but a natural, and that is the magic of Trump.

Americans were betrayed by the Left and the Right many times. In 2010 Republicans told voters that if they got the majority in Congress, we fire Pelosi and control Obama. Americans gave Republicans the majority in Congress, but all they did was to bow to Obama and make up excuses.  “If only we could get the Senate” was all the GOP repeated. “Then, we can do something.” So, Americans voted Republican in 2012, and gained Senate control. But, for WHAT?

Americans have been yearning for someone like Trump for years. Someone that spoke clearly and direct. Someone fearless and gutsy. Someone that addressed what Americans were concerned with and not speak in platitudes. Someone strong enough to say that uncontrolled illegal immigration threatens our sovereignty; so, Trump saw the problem, brought the topic to the forefront, and Americans paid attention.

The hard Left sees illegal immigration as a means of securing more votes for Democrats to remain in power for the next 100 years. Sadly, the complacent media is echoing the Left, and most Progressive Republicans repeat the same mantra in fear of the Amnesty crowd. Even Pope Francis says this is Social Justice, and we must open our arms to an uncontrolled immigration that destroys our land and pushes our country to self-destruction.

Last night Mark Levin devoted most of his radio show to immigration and his words were brilliant, so I beg you take time to listen. He also played a clip of Trump smacking down Jose Diaz Balart on a border rally, which is PRICELESS! Mark ended his show with Carly Fiorina, and she was AMAZING. Definitely, worth sticking around to hear Carly.  http://www.stationcaster.com/player_skinned.php?s=2591&c=10771&f=4638463

We only have one vote and mine goes to Ted Cruz, who is fearless and direct too. Ted Cruz always spoke clearly and made no excuses for being a Constitutionalist Conservative. Ted Cruz has stood against the organized Left throughout his career, and now is fighting the Washington Cartel fiercely. Yes, I am a Ted Cruz supporter, but I’m thankful Cruz finally has someone like Trump in his corner.