October 26, 2021

URGENT: Illegal Immigrant Murderer Makes Sickening Admission, Media Refuses to Talk About It

images-25San Francisco is a “sanctuary city.” That means, essentially, that no one can be held because of immigration status, even those in this country illegally who have committed a crime.

Liberals love sanctuary cities, especially because they play well with their leftist base. Francisco Sanchez loves sanctuary cities, too — but for a much more sinister reason.

Now, Sanchez has been charged with murder, and many Americans are wondering why San Francisco let a seven-time felon back out on its streets. The mainstream media, meanwhile, has been keeping quiet.

According to authorities, Sanchez killed Kathryn Steinle, 32, in a shooting at San Francisco’s Pier 14. The seven-time felon had been deported five times, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement said they had asked San Francisco to detain him, but were refused.

During his questioning in the Steinle case, Sanchez was asked why he kept coming back.

“Why did you keep coming back to the U.S., why did you come back to San Francisco?” he was asked.

Sanchez knew San Francisco was a sanctuary city and that he would not be charged there, he replied (H/T WZ).

“Because I was looking for jobs in the restaurant or roofing, landscaping, or construction,” he added.

Asked why he shot Steinle, he said he found the gun hidden in a shirt and it accidentally went off. He also claimed he had taken a bottle of sleeping pills he had found in a dumpster, which contributed to his confusion.

By the way, the four declared Democratic candidates — Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley — all support sanctuary cities.

As conservatives, we need to make sure America knows that the Democrat Party’s policy on sanctuary cities isn’t humanitarian, it’s electoral cynicism at its most base and transparent.

Unfortunately for Kathryn Steinle, that cynicism cost her her life.