October 25, 2021

Cheney: Obama ‘left a path of destruction in his wake’

730x420-6fe4774d1857a24ae9970ccbc06dca7fIn a new book, former Vice President Dick Cheney and daughter Liz Cheney argue that President Obama “has dangerously surrendered [the] nation’s global leadership.”

Before Obama became president, Republican and Democrat presidents understood and delivered on a “75-year, largely bipartisan tradition of ensuring America’s pre-eminence and strength,” the two write in their book, “Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America.”

But, “despite the explosive spread of terrorist ideology and organizations, the establishment of an Islamic State caliphate in the heart of the Middle East, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and increasing threats from Iran, China, North Korea and Russia, President Obama has departed from this 75-year, largely bipartisan tradition of ensuring America’s pre-eminence and strength.”

Obama has abandoned Iraq and Afghanistan, and America’s leadership in the world, the two Cheneys charge in their book’s excerpt published in the Wall Street Journal. His “dangerous cuts” to the military have hurt the nation’s security and “left the Army as unready as it has been at any other time in its history,” they write.

Cheney is critical of the Iran deal, saying that it will make war “more likely, not less” and that Obama seems ready “to gut” nuclear non-proliferation, something that presidents of both parties recognized the importance of for “more than 45 years.”

“President Obama is unraveling this international structure as part of an agreement that provides a pathway for the world’s worst state-sponsor of terror to acquire nuclear weapons,” says the excerpt.

Cheney compares the Iran deal to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s peace at any price negotiations that ceded Czechoslovakia to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Congress should reject the deal and reimpose sanctions, write the Cheneys.

Despite all the things wrong in the world currently, Americans should not abandon hope, write the Cheneys. Although Obama “left a path of destruction in his wake, one president can rescue us.”

Source: Washington Examiner