October 16, 2021

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are Teaming up for Event to Oppose Iran Deal

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are Teaming up for Event to Oppose Iran Deal

Whether you love Trump or you don’t, you can’t deny the man is one smart cookie, and what he’s planning to do over the next two weeks in Washington with fellow candidate Ted Cruz proves this dude knows what he’s doing.

Sen. Cruz is one of the few candidates who has avoided Trump bashing altogether, keeping things cordial, which is a brilliant move politically speaking, as many who are behind Trump are also big fans of Cruz, both because of policy and his treatment of The Donald.

So what do these two anti-establishment rebel rousers have planned?

They’re putting on a rally to ask Congress to strike down the Iran deal.

From TheBlaze:

Speaking to reporters following a campaign rally in South Carolina, Trump said the event will essentially be a “protest” of the Obama administration’s “totally incompetent” nuclear deal with Iran. He also called Cruz a “friend of mine” and a good guy.”

“By the way, even if you break it up, they are going to get $150 billion,” he said. “You know what I’d do? I wouldn’t give them the money. I don’t care what the deal — I would not give them the money.”

The Cruz campaign later told TheBlaze that the Texas Republican “has invited Donald Trump to join him on the Capitol grounds for a rally to call on members of Congress to defeat the catastrophic deal that the Obama Administration has struck with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Campaign spokesman Catherine Frazier said the event will be sponsored by Tea Party Patriots, Center for Security Policy, and the Zionist Organization of America.

Again, politically speaking, this is a brilliant move that could leave room for one of these guys to be the VP on the other’s ticket if one of them wins the nomination.

Not only that, but this opens up the door to bring Cruz more media coverage, while also helping Trump win over some who aren’t yet on the bandwagon by having the partnership of the Texas senator in this effort.

Politics aside, the Iran deal is a complete disaster and Congress needs to reject it in order to keep our nation safe and to protect the best interest of Israel, our most important ally in the Middle East.

It’s truly awesome to see candidates joining forces to do what’s right for our country.