October 19, 2021


ap_donald-trump_ap-photo38-640x442On Saturday, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said illegal immigrants are treated better than Wounded Warriors and veterans in America.

Speaking in Nashville at a National Federation of Republican Assemblies event, Trump said that “illegal immigrants, in many cases–not in all cases, but in many cases–are treated better than our veterans, who are the greatest people we have.” Trump spoke about some of the horrors veterans have had to face in accessing basic medical care and services and vowed that veterans would be treated like first-class citizens under a Trump administration.

After mentioning that illegal immigrants and DREAMers were protesting outside of the event, Trump asked, “What about our children?… Why can’t our children that are in the country… Why can’t they be the dreamers?”

Trump added, “nobody ever talks about them… we talk about the DREAMERs… we talk about the illegal immigrants, who, by the way, are treated better than the vets.”

At this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin also blasted the Obama administration for treating illegal immigrants better than U.S. veterans.

“Give our vets the same freedoms they gave us,” Palin declared. “And instead of illegal aliens cutting in line and being rewarded with a handout of U.S. benefits, we demand that the vets are first in line.”

Conservative talk radio host and icon Mark Levin has also mentioned that “nobody talks about our kids as dreamers.”

“When is the last time…when is the first time our kids were discussed when we discussed immigration?” Levin recently said, as Breitbart News has reported. “How can it be that illegal immigrant kids are dreamers? Nobody talks about our kids as dreamers.”

Trump, who won the straw poll that was held at the event, vowed to win the Hispanic vote in the general election, saying that U.S.-born Hispanics and Hispanics who are in the country legally are also upset by illegal immigration.

Source: Breitbart