October 17, 2021


In Terribly Awkward, Very Strange Fox News Debate, Carly Fiorina ShinesI must start with, that the assessment that the Fox Presidential debate was “interesting”…  to me was a disgrace. Mark Levin even called it a disrespectful spectacle–disrespectful to the candidates, and disrespectful to us, the viewers.

Perhaps Fox had an agenda, but before we move further, please listen to Mark Levin, as he tells us this debate was not Fox’s. It should have been about us, and the problems our nation faces; yet Fox preferred to make it a reality show. http://www.stationcaster.com/player_skinned.php?s=2591&c=10771&f=4694423

Regarding your thoughts on the candidates, I am closer to Breitbart’s assessment:

-Breitbart gave A’s to Ted Cruz and to John Kasich.  I would not have given Kasich such a high mark, but being Ohio’s governor, Kasich had the auditorium filled with enthusiastic supporters, so the energy for Kasich was there.

– Trump was an A to Trump supporters, and an F to those he was not their man, take your pick.

– Rubio and Carson got B’s for their performances, but I think Dr. Carson was a breath of fresh air, and I want to know more about him.

– Breitbart gave the governors C’s–Jeb, Walker & Huckabee, as they seemed flat footed; yet Huckabee stole many of Trump supporters in the after-show, according to Frank Lunt (more below).

– Breitbart gave Chris Christie and Rand Paul D’s because of their animosity and internal fighting, but Rand Paul was definitely the looser of the exchange and of the night, while Carly Fiorina was the winner of both debates, because she will be the one gaining most of all candidates.  The candidate report card.

Many are frustrated at Fox News because of their bias and lack of professionalism moderating the debate. Fox tried hurting Trump and making Cruz invisible, but they could not prevent Frank Lunt from conducting focus groups, where most Trump supporters switched to Ted Cruz or to Mike Huckabee. Bet you didn’t hear about it in the news:

Can’t end this note without addressing your comments about our need for the youth and the Hispanic vote. Must confess that those words make my blood pressure rise. That, my friend, is the lie of the Left to push us towards amnesty, and the lie of the Republican Party to scare voters into something we don’t want.

Byron York wrote a very thoughtful article back in 2013 calculating there is NO MATHEMATICAL POSSIBILITY of gaining the White with the Hispanic vote, and I urge you take a minute to review it.

Mark Levin talked about it. Rush discussed it on his program too, as the Amnesty Jihads have made this fallacy their religion, but never a reality, since we will NEVER convince enough youth, no matter how young Rubio is; nor capture enough Hispanics, even with Rubio’s Spanish roots to make a dent.

History proves this strategy NEVER WORKS (please look at Byron York’s article).

The ONLY possibility to regain the White House, according to Byron York, Mark Levin AND Rush, is to bring back EVERY disengaged American. Not just the youth, not just Hispanics, but every white Evangelical disengaged, that stayed home. Even though their standards of living had declined and they were upset, they never found enough reason to vote, so they stayed home.

Let’s shoot to bring back the 4 or 5 MILLION Americans that stayed home with Romney, and worry less about demographics. With the right leader I’m sure whites, blacks, browns, Asians, Hispanics and Evangelicals alike will stand and reignite our country.

We will never get 70% Hispanic voters, even with Marco Rubio’s looks and charm. But, we can bring back those disengaged American voters, and with 4 or 5 million more votes, we will march to the White House.