August 12, 2022


I watched today with sadness the raising of the American flag–converted into an Obama flag of surrender–to a declared enemy of the United States.

No matter that the John Kerry (considered a traitor by many for his conduct during the Vietnam war) State Department with the blessing of Obama removed conveniently the Cuban regime from the terrorist list, Cuba is a terrorist country.

The connections of the Cuban regime with the terrorist Colombian narco-guerrilla (FARC), with North Korea, North Vietnam, Iran, China, Putin’s Russia and other evils are well known and many have written about it. The record is clear and speaks volumes to the true nature of the Castro regime.

Obama’s surrender to this totalitarian communist military regime, without any conditions, is an affront to the long history of Cubans fighting for their freedom from Spain during the XIX century and after gaining their independence on May 20, 1902, against more challenges to its yearn for freedom during its 56 years as a Republic. And since 1959 against the communist regime that Castro forced on the population.

Castro–as in all other communist regimes–declared war against the Cuban people and after confiscating (stealing) all their assets, divided and destroyed the family unit, placing a total embargo on initiative and enterprise. These are the causes of the suffering and despair, not the propaganda championed by the U.S. liberal media and academia–not the U.S. embargo.

The Cuban fight for freedom was betrayed by President Kennedy in April 1961 during the Bay of Pigs by changing the landing site of the Brigade 2506 to a swamp against the best advice of the Cuban fighters that new the area.

The Cuban people were betrayed again by President Kennedy during the Missile Crisis in October 1962 through an infamous agreement with Soviet Union dictator Nikita Khrushchev. The U.S. agreed to protect the Castro regime from invasion from the U.S, or any another country. In fact the U.S. became a protector of Castro’s communist regime in detriment of the Cuban population.

Another betrayal of a U.S. President came during the Elian Gonzalez affair when President Clinton, Janet Reno and Erik Holder did everything in their power to cooperate with Castro’s plan to return the the 6 year old Elian to Cuba after his mother lost her life to bring her son to freedom in the U.S.

The Cuban Americans in Miami were right with their claim–based in their firsthand experience with the Castro’ regimen–that Elian was going to become a poster-child of the revolution. Fifteen years later has proven them 100% correct. Sadly, that’s exactly what Elian became.

The latest betrayal by Obama is one more nail in the coffin of the Cubans on the island and abroad.

cuba-usa-diplomacy-embassy-reopeningI noticed today, when the American flag was raised again to the top of the mast after more than half a century, it clung to the mast and wrapped itself around it, hiding its face ashamed of what was happening again from an American President. Obama and his “legacy” will live in infamy.

There was no wind to move that flag and make Old Glory fly proudly. It cried in silence with the Cubans.

© 2015 ABIP

 Agustin Blazquez is producer/director of the the Covering Cuba series of 7 documentaries plus “Pearl of The Antilles,” “my decision,” “The Unvetted,” “CONNECTING THE DOTS,” “Ivan’s journey,” “The Natural Pastor,” and numerous music, fitness, political and art productions. Author with Carlos Wotzkow of the book “Covering and Discovering” and Foreword, back cover and translation of “The Cuban COSA NOSTRA” by Luis Grave de Peralta Morell.