October 22, 2021

WATCH: Ben Carson Pulls A Trump And Launches This Scathing Attack That Has CNN Licking Its Wounds

The recent actions of a CNN reporter who droned on by taking remarks out of context illustrated the depth of the liberal media’s commitment to sidetrack his campaign, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Monday.

NewsMax TV host Steve Malzberg on Monday asked Carson about a Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” during which guest host Jim Acosta focused extensively on comments Carson had made at the U.S.-Mexico border that there was a role for America’s vast drone technology in sealing the leaky border.

“Why are they badgering you?” Malzberg asked.

“Because they don’t want people to take me seriously. And they’re very afraid of my message getting out there because it flies directly in the face of the secular-progressive movement. I’m a huge threat to them. Therefore, if they can find a chink in the armor and they can concentrate on that, they can get you off of the things that are so important to our nation,” Carson replied.

In response to a question from Malzberg, who mentioned past CNN efforts he felt were designed to harass Carson, the candidate responded: “The liberal media in general, but certainly the people you just mentioned are problematic.”

Last week, at the border, Carson had predicted that after he spoke about incorporating drone technology into defending America’s borders, his comments would be misrepresented.

“I said that to the media at the time. I said you guys, some of the left wing media, are going to be saying that Carson wants to use drones to kill people on the border, and how ridiculous!” he said Monday. “They went out and did it.”

On Sunday, as Carson discussed the needs of local law enforcement in the border area, Acosta asked about drones. After explaining his concept of using drones to eliminate caves where illegal goods and immigrants are hidden, Carson finally replied with a touch of evident heat.

Read my lips and listen carefully to what I am saying. I said that there are caves. There are caves that they utilize, and those caves can be eliminated. There are a number of possibilities, and that could be one of them. I am not talking about killing people. No people with drones,” he said.

Carson said using military assets along the border is a matter of common sense to address the shortage of staffing along the border.

“The sheriffs down there are being outgunned. They do not have the full support of the federal government. … I’ve been talking to some of the sheriffs down there on the border… listen to the frustration. You should have them on your show and let them talk about what is actually going on down there,” Carson said. “We have a huge security risk there.”

Carson has long defined his campaign as a counter to what he called the secular-progressive movement. In a 2014 interview boosting cultural conservatism, he had this to say:

The secular progressive agenda, quite frankly, is at odds with the Judeo-Christian value system. If you just keep quiet about it, they win by default. I’m a person that believes in live and let live; but I don’t believe you should suppress what you believe so that you don’t create waves or cause a problem.

Source:  Western Journalism